Crazymania #2
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The image shown as the desktop icon for SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard anomalous item containment locker, on a standard USB drive. SCP-XXXX is free to be plugged into any device, with proper authorization and paperwork. In the event personnel are given access to SCP-XXXX, they are advised to document how long they had access to the program.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a computer program of unknown origin labeled "banhammer.exe". The size of SCP-XXXX is approximately 1GB of RAM and the program has a picture of a pixelated hammer as the desktop icon. Upon being opened, the program starts and the user is given a window in which the user can choose a browser of choice. Once selected, the application is started and the computer will randomly crash during the session if the selected browser is open, at a random point of time, with an animation of a swinging hammer occuring before the session ends and the device seizes function for approximately 10-20 hours. Any and all programs running on the device will fail to start or even function for 15-25 hours. Any and all viruses and malware will somehow be deleted off the device's system during this 10-25 hour period.

Addendum: The tests below are recorded sessions of devices using SCP-XXXX, conducted by Dr. ███.

Test A - 3/13

Subject: iMac Pro, operated by D-3145, running Internet Explorer, 1 known virus installed.
Procedure: Plugging SCP-XXXX into device, observing how long the device operates.
Results: Device crashed at 00:22:01

Test B - 3/29

Subject: Omen X 900, operated by D-2343, running Chrome, no viruses.
Procedure: Plugging SCP-XXXX into device, observing how long the device operates.
Results: Device crashed at 1:03:13

Test C - 4/5

Subject: HP ENVY Desktop, operated by D-4246, running Firefox, 4 viruses
Procedure: Plugging SCP-XXXX into device, then promptly removing it.
Results: Device crashed the moment SCP-XXXX was removed. (00:00:21)

Test D - 4/9

Subject: SCP-1111-J, operated by D-8542. running Chrome
Procedure: Plugging SCP-XXXX into SCP-1111-J, seeing if device still operates
Results: SCP-1111-J continued functionality with no problem, even after removal of SCP-XXXX

After conducting some further research, I have advised any device with any viruses and software that may harm the foundation and its contents to be taken to the program's chamber for usage and removal of said software. - Dr. Banhorian