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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The designated original copy of SCP-XXXX is to be contained as a 256-bit encrypted bitmap image file within a single hard drive separated from any other electronic device capable of reading and displaying the file's contents. The hard drive is permitted to be stored alongside other class-X hard drives. It is advised that no other digital-based SCP's be stored nearby SCP-XXXX's hard drive. It is advised that the hard drive containing SCP-XXXX have no wired or wireless connection to other hard drives, and contain no instances of other files depicting cephalized entities. Connecting SCP-XXXX's hard drive to any other electronic device containing an intelligence is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may SCP-XXXX's hard drive be in any way connected to the worldwide internet, or otherwise have any secondary connection to the internet. Keep SCP-XXXX away from all networked computers or electronics.

Retrieval or viewing of SCP-XXXX's bitmap file requires permission from Class-X personnel, and may not be reproduced into any other digital or physical format without written permission from at least five Class-X personnel. Retrieval requires decryption of the bitmap using a key provided by designated Class-X personnel. Personnel viewing the decrypted file must undergo (proper term for memory wipe) after all needs for its retrieval have been completed.

All depictions of SCP-XXXX beyond its original file must be destroyed or deleted once its use has been met. Only individuals granted permission by five Class-X personnel for the immediate purposes of its retrieval may view any reproduced depictions, and any unauthorized personnel coming across the reproduced depiction must undergo (proper term for memory wipe) immediately.

Under absolutely no circumstances may SCP-XXXX be reproduced on any wall, ceiling, or floor of the site it is contained within. All reproduced depictions to be inscribed upon a building's structure1 for testing purposes must be done upon buildings detached from any other building containing personnel, living things, or SCP's otherwise unintended to be affected by SCP-XXXX's reproduction.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a complex, asymmetric symbol that can be drawn upon any building or object which, upon completion, results in the instant and simultaneous decapitation of all entities which could be characterized as having a head, living or otherwise, contained within it.

The extent to which SCP-XXXX affects the structure upon which it was drawn is somewhat ambiguous. The number of openings into the structure does not appear to influence SCP-XXXX's definition of a building versus non-building, though the complete lack of a ceiling structure or enclosing wall appears to remove the characterization of being a building from the structure.

The current definition for a building, within the context of SCP-XXXX's effects is defined as follows:

Any structure, utilizing any materials, which encapsulates an area from all angles, and having any number of openings to its interior, none of which entirely make up any individual wall, ceiling, or floor, is classified as a 'building'.

The same definition is applicable to objects not otherwise viewed as capable of being occupied by personnel.

SCP-XXXX's effects require it to be drawn on the exterior of the building or object, and does not activate should it be drawn on the interior. SCP-XXXX can be erased with varying difficulty, depending on the medium with which it was drawn. SCP-XXXX can be carved into materials, drawn using utensils, or projected using light sources. SCP-XXXX also appears to affect digital environments; when depicted on a monitor connected to a computer, all files within the hard drive that contain images depicting cephalized entities become corrupted from the neck up. Hard drives on any computers connected to a network that SCP-XXXX's depiction may be found on are similarly affected.

The modem by which SCP-XXXX decapitates entities is unknown. Inspection of decapitated entities such as common fowl, statues depicting human beings, and paintings depicting human beings, among others, shows that the angle of severance is neither perfect nor near-perfect, and contains irregularities consistent with those seen in the decapitated victims of mundane homicides. Video surveillance of test buildings upon which SCP-XXXX was drawn show the moment of decapitation, and show no other entities [besides the victims] across any light spectrum present during the moment.

The consistency of SCP-XXXX's reproductions does affect its ability to activate. It has been determined that any reproduction of SCP-XXXX with a 92.7692% accuracy compared to the original may achieve activation. Measurement
of SCP-XXXX's required accuracy was carried out by Class-X personnel ███████ █████, utilizing a proprietary program replicating SCP-XXXX's original bitmap file with single-pixel alterations across every possible combination of changes. Activation was tested on a single image file in the computer's hard drive depicting Class-X personnel ██████ ████████.
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