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Item #: SCP-4140

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4140 is to be held in a small 15in by 15in chamber in site EX.Only one D-Class operative is allowed in the chamber at a time and, to prevent digitalization, must wear a hasmat suit to not get sucked in and to allow testing.

Description: SCP-4140 is a NeXTstation graphics workstation from 1990 that, when used will suck your soul into cyberspace and also slowly kills the user. SCP-4140 is sentient and will attack if needed. SCP-4140 was found in the household of █████ When SCP-4140 was found, it already killed 2 people in the family until foundation personnel obtained the item in █/██/19██
SCP-4140 has been shown to interact with other computer SCPs very well ok
not that great not allowed to communicate with ANY other SCPs in the facility. Dr. ███ did an interview with SCP-4140. The audio file was found on the enity on █/█/06. The audio file was later discovered on 9/4/06. This is a text transcript of the file.

On █/██/06, SCP-4140 was moved from Site ██ to Site EX after 4 more deaths relateing to SCP-4140 happened.