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This is a copypasta resource page for the Critique Team. Please do not use these if you are not staff.

Notice of Ideas Template

Author, per the required reading forum guidelines: please fill out the concept template to seek feedback on your idea:

**Seeking Greenlights:** Put yes or no.

**Page Type:** SCP Article, Tale, GoI Format, Joke SCP, Site Dossier, Other (specify)

**Genre (Optional):** Horror, Drama/Emotional, Comedy, Action, History, Other (specify)

**Page Layout (Optional):** How will you structure the page in terms of information presentation, or plot development? If you plan on using a unique format/format screw, describe that here.

**Elevator Pitch:** One or two sentences explaining the basics of your idea in a concise manner.

**Central Narrative:** The overall story that your article intends to tell. (An example: SCP-1440's major story is how he got his powers, not how he uses them.) Remember, this is NOT a description or list of anomalous effects!

**Hook/Attention-Grabber (Optional):** What is novel/unique about your premise? What is special about your idea here that will make it stand out among the other works already on the mainsite?

**Additional Notes:** Note any concerns or particular areas of assistance you would like reviewers to focus on.
Remember to please **edit your previous post using the "edit" function under the "options" tab to the lower right of your first comment** (the blue-colored "options" link, NOT red) rather than creating a new thread.

Also, please mind the wordcount limit—the combined text for your answers to the last four sections (Elevator Pitch, Central Narrative, Hook/Attention-Grabber, and Additional Notes) MAY NOT exceed 400 words. For convenience, authors can use this page to check wordcount:

Once you have revised your post accordingly, please reach out to reviewers to request that they look at your thread. You can find a list of ways to contact reviewers here:

Notice of Greenlighting Policy

Author, per the greenlighting policy: first-time authors seeking draft critique in the forums must get their concept(s) greenlighted in the Ideas Critique forum and/or IRC chatrooms.

Please first go to the Ideas forum or the chat, give a quick summary (for the Ideas forum, please follow the instructions in the required reading thread) of the concept you want to write up (don't link the draft unless someone requests it).

During the conceptualization stage, reviewers can let you know if something similar already exists on the site, and/or tell you if there is anything that would prevent them from wanting to read a full draft. These issues are more effectively addressed earlier on in the writing process.

If you have already received two greenlights, please note from whom and where you received them. If you would like to skip the greenlighting process, you can use the IRC chatrooms for draft reviews.

Threads over maximum wordcount

Author, please mind the Ideas Critique required reading wordcount limit— the combined text for your answers to the last four sections (Elevator Pitch, Central Narrative, Hook/Attention-Grabber, and Additional Notes) may not exceed 400 words. For convenience, authors can use this page to check wordcount:

Your post is currently (number) words, about (number) over the limit.

Ideas Post with a sandbox link

Author, please mind the Ideas Critique required reading, which states that you should not post a sandbox link unless a reviewer specifically asks to read a full draft. This is to encourage authors to develop their summarization skills for discussing and editing core aspects of their material with reviewers.

For some tips on remaining brief when summarizing, consider looking at this thread: or you can also read this page on filling out the concept review template:

Thread Bumper

Since this thread was on page 6 of the forum listing with no feedback yet, this is a quick general information post from staff for the author. If you are still seeking feedback on this material, please remember to contact reviewers directly to request critique (if you haven't already reached out).

This thread has information on reaching out to reviewers:

You may also go to the official discord server for feedback. Please use to join.

If you have already contacted multiple reviewers and received no reply, feel free to ask a staff member for assistance finding a reviewer.

Repeat Thread

Noting that another thread exists for the same concept in progress. Reviewers, please comment here: [link to thread]

Author, as per the Ideas Critique forum required reading: Please do not create multiple threads for the same working concept. Using one thread helps keep spam down, and prevents flooding of the forums with repeat threads. Furthermore, it helps reviewers a lot if all corresponding feedback is kept in one place so they can follow the development of the idea and its details.

If you're having trouble getting further replies on a thread, you can look at this thread for options to contact reviewers:

Post for authors with too many threads per week

Locking this thread as the author already has two new threads created in the last 7 days:

  • [thread] from # days ago
  • [thread] from # days ago

Per the Ideas Critique forum required reading, authors are limited to creating two new concept critique threads per week (7 day time period).

This is to encourage authors to commit to developing the concepts they are asking reviewers to dedicate time to critiquing, rather than just quickly posting and discarding ideas.

Copypastas for those with Mod Tools

Full draft in the forums

//STAFF NOTICE: According to the Draft Forum Guidelines, please do not post your entire draft in the forums. Make a sandbox page, and keep your draft there. Please note that as this is the Ideas Critique forum, sandbox links should only be posted if a reviewer specifically asks to see a full draft.//

//If the only copy of your draft is in this post, you can recover the text by clicking the 'Last edited on [dd/mm/yyyy], [time] by [username] Show more' section found in lower right corner of this post. Then click 'Show revision' to find the full draft from before. Copy that full draft and paste it into your sandbox page. Please note that 'Show revision' does not change the post back.//

Long posts

//As a courtesy to our readers on mobile devices, please collapse long posts. Also, please mind the [ Ideas Critique required reading] wordcount limit.//

Long thread summary

//I moved and trimmed your thread summary, since it was taking up extra space in the main forum screen. Try to keep thread descriptions (the text in the little box under the thread title) and titles short so you don't crowd out other authors in the forum listing.//