make a tool that fetches titles

input: code from shaggy's sandbox
make a pass on the relevant series pages, select the right uls, iterate through the lis, fetch ONLY the ones we're looking for (don't compile the whole list), regex the titles, add them into the code, kerpoosh

Just a front page so there's no default tab selected

Current status of drafts, in chronological order:

SCP-SHIP: I need to contact someone about testing this one on the actual site, not the sandbox, because there's a cool gimmick to it that doesn't work here
I don't think this will work at all.
Thanks to RimpleRimple, Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian for technical help
Okay it might actually work. But I'm not doing it just yet

SCP-CYOA: Done. SCP-3939

SCP-2MIN: Done. SCP-3211

SCP-BULB-J: Scrapped.

malAf: dump last addendum, improve weirdness/humour