Senior Staff and You

These are the people who are assigned responsibilities on the site. It's their job to help keep the site running as smoothly and as well as possible. Most of them are veterans, with experience built up from the time spent here. Here's a small dossier to help show who the senior staff are. If you have an issue for staff to address, please refer to the Contact Staff page.

Note: You are expected to know who staff are when you encounter them "in the wild", because you have to know when to listen to them. You don't have to memorize or even thoroughly read these bios. But you do have to know which people are staff.

If you're having trouble remembering who's staff and who isn't, please be aware that there's a helpful userscript that can be installed on your browser which will make your life easier. The userscript will add a line of text to every forum post telling you whether or not the person who posted it is staff, and if they are, what position they hold. This userscript and installation instructions can be found here - look for "Staff Identification".

PS: Yes, these are tongue-in-cheek, but they're still true, so don't be surprised. We warned you.