Item #: SCP-4236

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4236 is to have a 1 mile exclusion zone around the building. The location of SCP-4236 is in the town [REDACTED] in England, however the danger of the SCP resulted in the town being evacuated and left in ruins. All doors and windows on the building are to be boarded up from the outside only as no personnel are to enter the building as order by Dr [REDACTED] . No one must enter SCP-4236 at anytime as it appears to control the person who enters.

Description: SCP-4236 is an old abandoned children's care home that was once fully operational, however was shut down during a financial crisis of the [REDACTED]. The children’s home was shut down on 18/07/**. However, during the building’s time as a children’s care home there were several reports of children sleepwalking and talking in an unknown language in their sleep. The cause of the sudden, unexpected financial crisis is yet unknown and some of the British Council’s members suspect that the Foundation had something to do with it, however these reports were dropped and no further allegations were made after the members left the country and never returned.

When testing on SCP-4236 the D-Class personnel are to be fitted with an ankle GPS device, and are to be dropped off by armoured vehicle and a 5-man Nine-Tailed Fox squad. Once at SCP-4236, the D-Class are to leave the vehicle and stand on the sidewalk infront of SCP-4236’s front garden. The NTF and the armoured vehicle are to leave the area and are to report to a Forward Operating Base that is exactly half a mile away from SCP-4236, the D-Class personnel will have a short-range radio that they will use to receive the orders to enter SCP-4236. NO D-CLASS PERSONNEL ARE TO ENTER WITHOUT DIRECT ORDERS FROM THE COMMANDING OFFICER OFF OF THE ASSIGNED NTF UNIT. Cameras are also to be fitted on the D-Class Personnel so Scientists, that are also stationed at the F.O.B, can document the events that unfold within SCP-4236.

Test log #284:


Assigned Senior Scientist: Dr. Andrews


12:30: Three D-Class personnel are currently being transported to the location of SCP-4236, they are fitted with a GPS tracking device on their ankles, due to 3 D-Class attempting to escape and being terminated as a result, they are also fitted with cameras that are mounted on the D-Class’ heads. Waiting for NTF Unit Lima-** to return to the Forward Operating Base.

12:55: NTF Unit Lima-** has returned from SCP-4236, the D-Class are waiting for the order to walk into SCP-4236. The camera feed is to yet be successfully streamed from the F.O.B. Test #** is to start at 1300 hours.

13:00: The camera feed is being successfully streamed in the F.O.B and the GPS are tracking the D-Class personnel. NTF Commander <span class="redact">privacy</span> has given the order for the D-Class to enter SCP-4236.

13:05: The D-Class personnel have been in SCP-4236 for 5 minutes now, all that can be seen is dark corridors and empty rooms.

13:15: The D-Class personnel are now on the lower level of SCP-4236, they are entering a room that seems to have blood stains on the door and a dark, marmite looking substance is all over the outer walls and door.

13:20: The D-Class are now in the room, a large coal powered boiler has been spotted on the far end of the room, the D-Class are ordered to approach the boiler and await for further orders.

13:28: The D-Class are both now at arms reach of the boiler and nothing is happening, we will stop the test in 2 more minutes if there are no results and all SCP classifications on the building will be revoked and the town will be repopulated.

13:30: A large fire has started in the boiler without any physical contact. What seems to be a large, horned head has appeared in the boiler.

Note: Before the test began, we noted down each D-Class’ deepest fears.

13:33: The room in which the D-Class’ are in has now started to “spawn” each D-Class’ deepest fears, what happens next is yet unknown.

13:40: The cameras on the D-Class have now cut out after a deep voice said,
“You shouldn’t have come here. Your masters are the cause of your peril”.
The GPS trackers are still active on the D-Class and they remain in the same room within SCP-4236.

13:45: The GPS tracker is now no longer active. NTF Unit Lima-** have now been dispatched to the location of SCP-4236 to board the door back up as all the D-Class Personnel are MIA/KIA.

End log.