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Item #: SCP-6969

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [SCP-6969 is to be locked 500 meters under Uluru in a 4x4 meter cell which requires a level 4 or higher keycard to enter. 5 non-horny males are to keep watch of SCP-6969 at all times. 1 D-Class personnel must be in the cell with her at least once a week for 1 hour.]

Description: [SCP-6969 is a female in her early 20s, she appears to have an extremely close resemblance to internet personality Belle Delphine, she speaks perfect English and has a northern British accent. SCP-6969 is capable of making any male between the ages of 13-28 get an instant erection if they are within 50 meters of her. If not watched, SCP-6969 will immediately breach containment and exit the cell and going to surface level, after this, she will teleport 10 meters to the closest male without an erection causing them to get one. Other than this ability horrifying capability she is able to self destruct if she does not have sexual interactions with a male for 12 days, this is why the D-Class Personnel is needed. If SCP-6969 was to die from any way she will be resurrected and located at her discovery location within 2 hours.]

Addendum 6969-1: Discovery: [SCP-6969 was discovered August ██ 20██ at a "simps" house in Toronto, Canada. The SCP Foundation was contacted immediately upon her discovery. Once Chaos Insurgency arrived at the location, SCP-6969 was already giving the male staff "massive erections" causing none of the males to not be able to deal with her.]