Doctor Ross

Item #: SCP-3927

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Items SCP-3927-(1-3), SCP-3927-(6-8), SCP-3927-(10-24), SCP-3927-4b, SCP-3927-5b, and SCP-3927-9b. are located in individual item containment cells at Site-19 with no specific security instructions. In the event of the glass case of SCP-3927-#b cracking, it is to be opened and SCP-3927-a is to be released for humanitarian and scientific purposes. If SCP-3927-a is still unconscious twenty (20) after minutes being removed from SCP-3927-b, it must be brought to a new cryogenic chamber with a temperature between -145 C° or -165 C°. If the SCP-3927-a comes into consciousness it must be taken to a safe area and explained the follow information:

• The current date
• That it has been in a cryogenic sleep for an unknown amount of time
• That it is in the custody of the SCP Foundation
• What the Foundation is and what it does
• That it is going to brought to its “New Home”

After all of this information has been given to the SCP, request its cooperation, and bring it to Site 06-3. It is most likely the SCP will cooperate. This is believed by staff because of the cooperation of SCP-3927-4a and SCP-3927-9a after release. The SCP must be in an airtight container before fifteen (15) hours has passed after its release.

In the event that a cure for SCP-3927-25 all pods may be opened if given permission by the Site Director or a 05 council member. If one is released, the process given above must be used.
(NOTE: It is suggested to bring SCP-3927-a to a peaceful and calm environment and provide it with a warm beverage such as coffee or warm cider. Also when talking to the SCP speak in a calm tone.)

Item SCP-3927-4a and SCP-3927-9a are to be kept in separate furnished cells at Site 06-3 with a minimal security detail required. The cells are both six (6) meters by six (6) meters (20 feet by 20 feet). Connected to the doorway there is a three (3) meter by two (2) meter airlock. Next to the airlock on both sides is an airtight hazmat suit. Both cells must airtight at all times. Under request from both SCP-3927-4a and SCP-3927-9a, both cells have minimum surveillance of just one camera displaying live feed directed at the door and one camera also displaying live feed in the airlock. Both SCPs are allowed in each other’s cells. Any request given by either SCP-3927-4a and/or SCP-3927-9a should be considered by the Foundation. If any of the SCPs break any given rules all privileges will be revoked.
(Note: Even though SCP-3927-5a is currently not located in SCP-3927-5b, it is still unconscious at Site-19 in a cryogenic cell and will be treated as if it was. Thus no more experimentation is permitted on SCP-3927-5a.)

Description: SCP-3927 consists of forty-nine (49) separate items. Twenty-four (24) of the items are Cryogenic Chambers referred to as SCP-3927-(1-24)b(SCP-3927-b). Each of these are three (3)m tall and one hundred and twenty-five (125)cm wide and is made of an unknown alloy containing titanium and steel and several other unknown metals. One of the sides of the chamber is a seven (7)cm thick Plexiglas case. On each chamber, on the glass, is inscribed a different Greek letter. On the left side (facing toward the glass side) is a control panel containing an assortment of buttons labeled in Russian, at the top of the control panel there is a large red button with the title “Oткрыто” (Open). When this button is pressed the glass opens revealing a human inside (expect for the items SCP-3927-(4,5, and 9)b) which are referred too as SCP-.

Twenty-Four of the items are humans referred to as SCP-3927-(1-24)a. From first observation of the SCPs they all appear to be Caucasian and to be in the age range of 30 to 45. All of the SCPs appear to be very fit. Twelve (12) of the members of SCP-3927-(1-24)a are male and twelve (12) members are female. Three members the “a” group are currently out of their cryogenic chambers, they are referred to as SCP-3927-4a, SCP-3927-5a, SCP-3927-9a.

Item SCP-3927-4a is 1.7m tall, adult male with an estimated age of thirty-two (32) (this age does not include time spent inside SCP-3927-4b). Its weight at last measurement: 70.2kg. It has light brown and light green eyes. SCP-3927-4a also appears to be Scandinavian originally due to its facial features and very light skin (however this still under debate). On SCP-3927-4a’s right shoulder is a tattoo of the same Greek letter on SCP-3927-4b: Δ (delta). It also responds to this as a name. When SCP-3927-4a first was released from SCP-3927-4b it was observed during its medical observation that it had three (3) broken ribs, seven (7) gunshot wounds on its chest, and four (4) large bruises on the face and arms.

Item SCP-3927-5a is 1.85m tall, adult male with an estimated age of thirty-nine (39) (this age does not include time spent inside SCP-3927-5b). Its weight at the last measurement: 79.6kg. It has blonde hair and light blue eyes. SCP-3927-4a also appears to be Scandinavian for similar reasons as SCP-3927-4a. It, too, has a tattoo on its right shoulder of the same Greek letter on SCP-3927-5b: Ε (Epsilon). When SCP-3927-5a first was released from SCP-3927-5b, it was observed during its medical observation that it had three (3) gunshot wounds on its chest and arms and a broken femur. It is also unconscious and was only mentioned specifically in this report because of requested from both SCP-3927-4a and SCP-3927-9a and because it’s special scenario (see Incident 3927-2).

Item SCP-3927-9a is 2.1m tall, adult male with an estimated age of thirty-five (35) (this age does not include time spent inside SCP-3927-9b). Its weight at the last measurement: 87.1kg. It has “bleach” blonde hair and hazel eyes. SCP-3927-4a also appears to be Scandinavian for the similar reasons as the other members. It also has a tattoo on its right shoulder of the same Greek letter on SCP-3927-9b: Ι (Iota). It, much like SCP-3927-4a, responds to “Iota” and “9a” as its name. When SCP-3927-9a first was released from SCP-3927-9b, it was observed during its medical observation that it had one (1) broken rib, and four (4) large bruises on its face.

SCPs 3927-4a and 3927-9a are both considered to “enhanced” due to their peak physical abilities that include a speed of 55.13 km/h (34.25 m/h) and being able to lift 321.54 kg. Both have also demonstrated extensive knowledge of both fighting techniques and uses of weaponry. Also both SCPs have the ability to speak fifty-one (51) different languages, including but not limited to: English, Russian, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, German, Spanish, and Italian; however, both seem more comfortable with Russian.

It should be noted that both SCP-3927-4a and SCP-3927-9a have claimed to have complete memory loss of who they are, what they are, why they ███████████████████████████████, or any other information about their past. Upon CAT scans of both SCPs’ brains, it was observed that the memory centers in the SCPs’ brains have been severely damaged. It’s isn't known if it was an accident or sabotage.

Item SCP-3927-25 is a viral disease that is produced by SCP-3927-#a, how exactly is unknown. SCP-3927-25 is produced in SCP-3927-a’s lungs and exhaled. This disease is airborne; however, it does not affect SCP-3927-a or any person is who is more than five (5)m away from SCP-3927-a. The infection is not deadly; however, it produces rashes that have been known to produce puss all over the infected person’s body for approximately two (2) weeks.

(NOTE: I have proposed that SCP-3927-25 is produced in 3927-4a’s and 3927-9a’s lungs. However because of the council’s agreement with 3927-4a and 3927-9a’s requests I have not been able observe SCP-3927-5a, but an operation is soon to take place on 3927-9a to test my theory.)

Addendum: 3927-1

Incident: 3927-1

On ██/██/████ SCP personnel transported SCP-3927 too Site-19 from a temporary holding site located near ███████, █████. Once on site, SCP-3927-9b cracked due to it colliding into a wall during transportation. After one (1) hour, the site director instructed the opening of SCP-3927-9b to release SCP-3927-9a. Since SCP-3927-4a was already released, the Foundation knew of SCP-3927-25, thus the correct procedures were followed, getting SCP-3927-9b into custody. Once in proper conditions, SCP-3827-9a was given an interview. In the interview SCP-3927-9a stated that while the case was cracked he felt great amounts of pain due to air pressure. Only once SCP-3927-9b was opened did the pain stop.

Incident: 3927-2

On ██/██/████, a containment breach took place in Site-19. During the breach the security cameras monitoring SCP-3927-5 went out. After the breach was dealt with, it was discovered that a crack had formed on SCP-3927-5b by unknown means. Because of the knowledge gained from SCP-3927-9a, the site director immediately ordered the opening of SCP-3927-5b. Once SCP-3927-5b was opened and SCP-3927-5a was still unconscious. The site director was ordered to wait one (1) hour. Once the hour had pass and SCP-3927-5a had not awakened, the site director ordered SCP-3927-5a into a new cryogenic chamber on Site-19.

Addendum: 3927-2

Regarding the finding of SCP 3927: