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Epidermis of SCP-XXXX-A36 during Stage One

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
The current host of SCP-XXXX is to be held within a standard humanoid containment chamber. An adjacent chamber is to be outfitted as a surgical theatre with all equipment necessary for the Liston Procedure. A full surgical team and accompanying security staff is to be made available at all times. Both chambers should be reinforced to A-Grade secure containment standards.
The Liston Procedure (Current iteration- 2.16) should be applied a minimum of twice daily, and at greater frequency should measured growth rate increase. Full details of the Liston Procedure are available to surgical staff.
SCP-XXXX-As diet should be restricted to at most 2500 calories daily. No form of drug therapy is to be used as all trialled drugs have proven ineffective or to accelerate disease progression. This includes all known anaesthetics and analgesics. Non drug analgesics (e.g. meditation, acupuncture, simple distraction such as headphones playing music of SCP-XXXX-A36's choice) are permitted.
All staff in contact with SCP-XXXX-A36 should maintain the fiction that the Foundation is a medical research hospital dedicated to the treatment of rare diseases.
SCP-XXXX is an anomalous virus which is capable of infecting only one host at a time and is transmitted only upon the death of the host. At this point the disease is transmitted via a currently unknown mechanism to infect another individual. This individual is chosen without apparent pattern and without regard for location (see Retrieval Log: Excerpt-01) and transmission occurs near instantaneously. Host instances are designated SCP-XXXX-A and the current host is designated SCP-XXXX-A36.
The first signs of infection are a pruritic rash and increased appetite. Over the next eight to fourteen hours multiple symptoms develop in parallel. This includes multiple tumorous growths developing along the torso which differentiate into additional arms. Internal musculature develops substantially resulting in greatly increased strength. Hosts also develop an accelerated capacity to recover from physical injury and regenerate tissue. Multiple adrenal glands and testes are observed in all cases resulting in increased adrenaline and testosterone levels. Combined with greatly increased appetite this typically results in the host becoming extremely aggressive, often becoming violent.
Other symptoms will begin to slow over time however the growth of extraneous limbs will continue indefinitely. Without medical treatment hosts typically expire within 36 hours due either to starvation as a result of greatly increased caloric requirements or cardiac arrest due to stress placed on the heart by increasing body size.
The survival of SCP-XXXX outside of its chosen host has proven impossible with all samples rapidly decomposing within minutes of leaving the body. The limited analysis available suggests that SCP-XXXX operates as a retrovirus upon at least a majority of host cell types. Analysis of epithelial and muscle cells taken from the hosts tissue has shown the addition of several thus far unidentified organelles hypothesised to be the source of the physical alterations.
There is currently no known means of curing those infected with SCP-XXXX however the Liston Procedure is effective at preventing the death of SCP-XXXX-A and is therefore effective at eliminating the spread of the condition. Information regarding research into possible cures is restricted to members of Research Team XXXX-Alpha.
Unlike past instances SCP-XXXX-A36 is non-hostile and shows a high willingness to co-operate with Foundation staff.

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