SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation South American Research and Containment site.

Site Identification Code: SSOUIR-Site-613

General Information

Purpose: Research Site-613 is designed to research and contain general anomalous items and entities.

Founded: 5 February, 20██

Location: ██████ ████ coastal region in South America.

Cover Story: Warehouse for steel parts, to be used in manufacturing.

Site Function: Containment, Research, Storage.

Size: Total Land Area of 0.9km2


Checkpoint Alpha: Land based checkpoint, containing blast doors. Security is located here to check all traffic, incoming and outgoing.

Checkpoint Beta: Water based checkpoint, containing dock with blast doors and water elevator. Security is located here to check all contents and reasoning of ships, incoming and outgoing.

Checkpoint Gamma: Air based checkpoint, containing blast doors. Currently unused.

Central Entrance Chamber: All checkpoints lead here. Several garages and storerooms. 2 personnel elevators, 1 utility elevator, 2 stairwells. Acts as main area for collecting and sending items, and as a waiting room.

Administration Room: Location of administrative offices.


Wing A: Safe anomaly containment wing.

Wing B: Safe anomaly containment wing.

Wing C: Euclid anomaly containment wing.

Wing D: Euclid anomaly containment wing. Currently in repair.

Wing E: Keter anomaly containment wing.

Wing F: Keter anomaly containment wing. Currently is disuse.

Staffing Information

Site Director: Lewis Gravis

Research Director: Wendy Fincher

Containment Director: Nathaniel Redmond

Security Director: Madelyn Stowe

Personnel Director: Dean Kirkwood

On-Site Personnel:

    Staff Doctors: 12

    Staff Researchers: 34

    Administrative Personnel: 5

    Maintenance and IT: 27

    Security Personnel: 60

    D-Class: 19

    Other Personnel: 11