CSS Include Template

Making a CSS theme? Copy and paste the following code onto your theme's page to easily set up usage via [[include]]. This template is compliant with the CSS Policy.

[[module CSS]]
@import url(https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/theme:example-theme/code/1);

[[iftags +theme]]

[[module Rate]]

This is the ExamplePlaceholder Theme by Nobody and NotARealPerson.

To use this theme, please put the following at the top of your page:

[[div class="code"]]
@@[[include :scp-wiki:theme:example-theme]]@@

This theme is designed for ExampleGOI format articles.

[[code type="css"]]
/* Write your CSS here */


If you're going to be pasting this onto a sandbox page to make a draft of your theme, be sure to replace :scp-wiki:theme:example-theme with wherever your theme is actually located! (e.g. :scp-sandbox-3:collab:my-test-theme)

How does this work?

The template is divided into two parts - the CSS module that's outside the [[iftags]] block, and the [[iftags]] block.

The CSS module does two jobs: it puts the theme onto this page (i.e. the theme's page), and it puts the theme onto any pages that use this theme via [[include]].

The [[iftags]] block only displays if the current page has the "theme" tag - so it'll only appear on the theme's page. This contains the CSS code and any extra information.

The first thing here is the rating module. You must have a rating module on the page.

Next is some information about the theme. You can put anything you like here. You might want to note who made the theme (you!), or what the theme should be used for, or even put some examples of what the theme makes certain components look like. Alternatively, you can put nothing at all, but more is always better.

Next is instructions for how an author should put the theme onto their page. Per the CSS policy, you must provide usage instructions. We're using [[div class="code]] and not [[code]] so that it doesn't mess with the CSS module at the top.

You can put more info here if you want.

Next is the CSS source code itself. This is where the magic happens! We're using a real [[code]] block here, so that the source code is accessible from a browser. You could put this section in a collapsible if you like, if your theme's page is really pretty and you think CSS is an eyesore.

Then you're done. Pop a [[/iftags]] and your theme is ready to go.