CudRadt's SCP Proposal: Grimoire Box

Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in an isolated chamber on Site █, placed onto a pedestal with a weighted plate when not used in testing. An armed guard with minimal clearance to enter the chamber will be rotated █████ █████ █████ with a guard of similar or identical clearance. In the event that any personnel recite SCP-XXXX's contents, the affected subject should be isolated inside the chamber until the effects wear off. In the event that an instance of SCP-XXXX-1 is present, guards should isolate and neutralize the occurrence immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small, hard-back book with 3.5 in x 8 in x 1 in dimensions. Throughout the entire book, including the covers, are various biological details which resemble that of a human voice-box. SCP XXXX was discovered in an abandoned library complex in a pool of blood, implying cult origins. The object's contents are written in English.

Subjects who read, recite, or refer to the SCP-XXXX's contents (who will be referred to as SCP-XXXX-1) will vocalize heavily until completion, as well as perspire blood and additional anatomically dubious acts. The amount of content memorized or read by SCP-XXXX-1 has a direct effect on their symptoms (refer to Case Files).

The contents of SCP-XXXX are directly tailored to SCP-XXXX-1 with exception to the first page, as SCP-XXXX utilizes it to determine what content to present. The language and method of presentation progresses to convey information at the most efficient rate to SCP-XXXX-1.

Addendum: After every recurring victim of SCP-XXXX's effects, the book seems to gain increased knowledge as well as willingness to share in terms of information. After the incident with D4-748, the book provided a more accurate amount of information, cryptic as it may be. In addition, SCP-XXXX seems to grow anatomical features with such progression.

Test A - Date 10/██/██

Subject: D-4748
Procedure: The subject reads the first five pages of the book and recites its contents from memory. Record symptoms. The subject prompts the book with "The Truth."
Results: Subject D-4748 yells the contents of a factually inaccurate biological study on the Bumblebee, claiming that the insect does not have a physiological brain. Thirty seconds after reciting the SCP-XXXX's contents, Subject D-4748 began to perspire blood throughout his entire body, accompanied with Subject D-4748 demanding that personnel nearby show them SCP-XXXX. The subject was detained into isolation. Reportedly, the clean-up crew could not find any blood after the incident.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX seems to only give information that the reader wishes to see. Seeing as how Subject D-4748 recited the contents as if it were completely true, there is a very high chance that SCP XXXX may have a will of its own and the ability to tamper with the reader's mind.

Test B - Date 11/█/██

Subject: D-4605
Procedure: The subject will read twenty pages of the book and recite its contents from memory. Record symptoms and contain subject. The subject prompts the book with "What will happen to me?"
Results: The subject yells repeatedly that she would "yell, leak, and yell," and repeats symptoms. Two minutes after reciting the book's contents, the subject ceased sweating blood and sprouted mouths throughout her entire body. Reportedly, each mouth was the size of her sweat pores. Her scream did not cause any property damage, but was measured to have a dangerously high decibel value. The subject was secured and placed into an isolated chamber. Just like with D-4748, the blood D-4605 had shed was gone afterwords.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX will grant factual information if forced. However, there is no indication as to how much content is present, or if it is qualitatively unique. In addition, more content read will lead to more severe symptoms.

Interview 1 - Date 11/█/██

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Doctor Zane █████

Foreword: SCP-XXXX had been monitored for around one week's time after its acquisition. After yelling had been reported as coming from SCP-XXXX's chamber, microphones were installed and the following interaction transpired between SCP-XXXX and Doctor Zane █████.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Zane: SCP-XXXX, you requested an audience with someone. My name is Doctor Zane and I will be interviewing you today.
SCP-XXXX: Why am I trapped in this box? I wish to see the sky and breath the air. The stench of this place is nigh unbearable.

Dr. Zane: You, as a Euclid class SCP, cannot be allowed out of the chamber. The SCP Foundation doesn't have enough information to let you out.

SCP-XXXX: Information? I can give you information, Doctor.

Dr. Zane: This is not a negotiable matter, SCP-XXXX. You aren't to leave this facility unless a very specific standard is met.

SCP-XXXX: I can tell you all about me, Doctor. I can change myself to better this…place.

Dr. Zane: You will need to provide these changes in future tests, XXXX. As it stands right now, you are a danger to all you effect and must be kept in containment to prevent collateral.
SCP-XXXX: You are quite the creature, Doctor. I think I'll keep you.

Dr. Zane: We are done here. Halt the comms.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: When recording this information, no anomalous effects were seen by any of the personnel.

Test C - Date 11/██/██

Subject: D-9898
Procedure: The subject will read as much of the book as they possibly can. Record effects. The subject prompts the book with "Information about SCP-XXXX".
Results: Subject D-9898 begins to perspire blood without reciting the book, but does not vocalize at all. Upon exiting the chamber, the current guard on duty ████ ██████ notified others that SCP-XXXX-1 was holding SCP-XXXX. A containment breach was enacted, and SCP-XXXX-1 proceeded to swallow SCP-XXXX whole. SCP-XXXX-2 was able to disarm and neutralize multiple armed guards before succumbing to physical wounds. After retrieving SCP-XXXX, it was noted that subject D-9898's body was completely devoid of organs and bodily fluid. SCP-XXXX was also noted of having a pulse.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX has shown itself to be a wholly biological parasite with the goal of establishing a host in SCP-XXXX-2.