"Possessive Compulsive Gluestick"

SCP: █ █ █ █

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-█ █ █ █ is to be kept in a locked room with an active Scranton Reality Anchor as of Incident █. Anyone found to have touched the object is to be subjected to the full, unchanged Amnestic procedure described below:
- Class A Amnestics delivered directly to bloodstream once every 8-10 hours depending on severity of the memetic effects.
- Solitary confinement until effects end.


SCP- █ █ █ █ looks from the outside to be an ordinary PrittStick™ brand gluestick. The anomalous effects of the gluestick become apparent after any sapient being touches it, gloves do not seem to completely stop any effects, only weakening them.

After touching the stick, victims express feelings of possession, even going so far as to kill other claiments in rage. It was discovered after two best friends mauled each other with their school stationery in the middle of a classroom. The gluestick was obtained by a police officer, who, after refusing to hand over the object for evidence collection, shot the other first responsder in the chest.

The homicides repeated themselves until Officer [REDACTED] thought to call the FBI, who alerted the Foundation to the anomaly; the agent sent to retrieve it ignored the safety instructions and handled the stick with bare hands. The one agent alone caused the injury of █ █ Foundation personally and █ death(s).

D-█ █ █ █ was sent in to retrieve the gluestick and place it in a briefcase. He was terminated due to refusing to hand the bag to the Agents.

The gluestick had been in the briefcase until Incident █ when the [REDACTED] opened the case and dropped SCP- █ █ █ █ on the floor.

Incident █ :

Some type of "portal" opened within the containment area of SCP- █ █ █ █ and a [DATA EXPUNGED] with █ long fingers materialised through it with the assumed intent to take the gluestick. Fortunately, Foundation personnel were at hand to deploy a portable Scranton Reality Anchor and close the portal.

The [DATA EXPUNGED] was severed from the "arm" at the forearm and has been taken in for testing. Special Containment Procedures have been updated accordingly.