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Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: XXXX is contained within a standard Secure Humanoid Containment Cell, with hermetic seals, measuring 5m×8m×3m, in Sector-08, Site-19. Physical contact with XXXX is expressly forbidden. XXXX may not be transported or removed from its cell unless a Level 3 Supervisor, or higher, presides over the exchange. During transport, XXXX must be contained within a Harringware Individual Biological Containment unit. All personnel interacting with XXXX or entering its cell must wear a full hazmat uniform at all times. Any equipment used to contact or contain XXXX must be sterilized after use under supervision of the presiding officer of the Biological Hazard Containment unit.

XXXX has generally been cooperative with Foundation personnel, however, if it becomes physically hostile or violent, XXXX must be subdued by any means necessary, up to and including lethal force.

<Procedures Update 1>
Following the failed escape attempt, during which a Foundation Staff member was persuaded to help, XXXX is no longer allowed to interact with any Foundation member without direct supervision and an armed guard.
-Acting Director Moose


XXXX is a supernatural entity which inhabits an artificially manufactured body. XXXX is humanoid, has pale skin, brown hair, hazel eyes, stands 71cm when undressed, and weighs 104 kg. XXXX has no sexual organs. XXXX wears a black hooded robe made of sheep's wool, a gas mask of unknown origin, a leather belt with an iron buckle, black riding boots, and long leather gloves. While fully dressed, XXXX’s skin is entirely obscured.

XXXX is an asymptomatic carrier for at least 37 documented infectious diseases at the time of this article's posting, including smallpox, bubonic plague, and [redacted], and has demonstrated control over its ability to transmit these diseases.

XXXX speaks fluent English, limited Swedish, and some Spanish, as well as an unidentified language When XXXX speaks in this language, listeners may feel anxious or afraid. XXXX’s throat and vocal cords have been ravaged by repeated inhalation of [redacted], and thus its speech is sometimes difficult to understand.

XXXX is generally calm, and usually attempts to be cordial toward Foundation staff, however, certain conditions may distress or agitate it. XXXX harbors a deep resentment of automated equipment of all kinds, and may become emotionally distressed around them. XXXX holds extreme religious views centered around an enigmatic deity which it only refers to as “He” or “Him”. XXXX may become agitated at expression of any alternate religious beliefs, particularly those of Christianity and Satanism. XXXX has generally refused to interact with Foundation staff who have identified themself as religious.

When hostile, or during testing, XXXX will attempt to transmit any number of infectious diseases to the subject of its anger by physical contact. SCP-XXXX claims that it is capable of transmitting via other means, but has not demonstrated such ability during testing.

XXXX-2 instances are humans or animals, specifically rats, which have been infected with any disease transmitted by XXXX. Instances of XXXX-2 begin to exhibit symptoms of their infection within seconds after contact with XXXX. Instances of XXXX-2 are subject to immediate termination, and remains are to be decontaminated and incinerated immediately.

XXXX will attempt to protect all instances of XXXX-2, both with physical resistance and through the creation of more XXXX-2.

<XXXX Research Note 7>:
The Object’s body bears more extensive study. As near as we can tell, its flesh is made primarily of complex sugars and proteins, but its DNA isn’t even mammalian. It’s as if its flesh is literally made of blood-borne pathogens.
-Dr. Koening

<Document 220-XXXX-4b>:
For the sake of productivity, avoid discussing SCP-049. XXXX has repeatedly refused to comply with my interviews when the subject of SCP-049 has come up.
- Dr. Addison

<Addendum 1>: Dr. Michael Edison requests approval to use 1 unit of SCP-0500 for testing with XXXX. Request Denied

Interviewee: XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Carver Addison

Foreword: The following is an excerpt from the first interview with subject XXXX upon its entry into the Foundation

<Begin Log>

Dr. Addison: Tell me about… who is the mysterious deity the guards heard you talking about? Do you worship something?

XXXX: He is purity through destruction. He is mercy through enlightenment. Plague does not worship. Plague simply accepts what is true.
Dr. Addison: Plague? What is Plague? Is that a euphemism? Is that the name you have chosen for yourself?
XXXX: Indeed, Plague is the fleshy avatar which sits before you, Doctor Addison. Plague is contagion given form.
Dr. Addison: Tell me about Plague then. How did Plague become as Plague now is?
XXXX: Plague is how Plague has always been. The Infection is Plague's birthright.
Dr. Addison: Do you know how or why you were born with these, ah, diseases?
XXXX: Not born with them. Born OF them. Plague was created to spread HIS enlightenment to the unworthy.
Dr. Addison: If I'm understanding you corrrectly, you believe you are the creation of divinity, spawned to spread the word of your God?
XXXX: Not a god as such. Plague does not believe in any human religion. Divinity is a falsehood, or at least a misdirection.
Dr. Addison: But you do believe in something, don’t you? Let’s go back. You mentioned “Him”, but didn’t say “his” name.
XXXX: It is not a belief. It is knowledge. HE has no name in this language. <unintelligible>
Dr. Addison: Sorry, what was that? What language is that?
XXXX: Irrelevant, you couldn't speak it even if you knew. Doctor, you haven’t yet asked the most important question.
Dr. Addison: Oh? Then, in your opinion, what should I be asking you?
XXXX: You ask who Plague is, and what Plague worships. In truth, these questions are of little importance to you and your Foundation. What you should be concerning yourself with, is where Plague came from, and where it is going.
Dr. Addison: Tell me why you think we should worry about that?
XXXX: Because Plague isn’t the only one.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: End of Interview.