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Item#: SCP-3458

Object Class: Safe


SCP-3458 with and without sheath.

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-3458 should be kept in the secure armory room in locker E1-020 on Site-68. It must be put back in it’s sheath for storage as it has easily gone through all tested material except the Sheath it was collected in. Addendum: ( glass has been found to put up resistance to SCP-3458) SCP-3458 can only be use by Pvt. -[Data_Purged]- Addendum:(Codename: “White-Chapel”) of ("Laughing Guillotine") as a asset in Foundation operations or researchers that have been given the authorization of Site-68’s Overseer. Addendum:(After the Incident1 the use of SCP-3458 is only to be in the possession of “White-Chapel” as he is the only one that seems to for-go the mental pressure the SCP creates in it's users he is SCP-3458-2.)

Description : SCP-3458 from appearance at first seems to be a normal sword and sheath with a colorful modernistic/sci-fi flare but this isn't what makes it a anomaly. First of there are no markings any where on the sword to give a maker or manufacturer of the weapon. The first record of SCP-3458's existence was when it had been collected from a eliminated Chaos-Insurgency Agent during a raid on one of their facility’s on ██/██/████ by agent Addendum:(“White-Chapel”). Under closer inspection by Foundation personnel soon found that it is far from any human blade ever produced. The vibrant colored cutting edge of the sword is made of some type energy material Addendum: (as it cannot be found to produce any energy and is a solid mass of matter the label has been changed to material.) not yet discovered that instantly cuts particles apart on a subatomic scale. This means all matter that comes into contact with the edge will be cleanly sliced through V.A. particle separation creating no heat or visual evidence of the action. Being true it would make the concept of using the material as a blade edge impossible as it would not be able to be crafted into a usable weapon A.E. held by a wieldier. The sword others parts and sheath how ever are made of a black metallic materials that seems to be the only thing the cutting edge can’t cut through. Addendum: ( It has been found to be unable cut glass as easily as every thing so far according to test-8349. Further test on SCP-3458 are need to find the cause of this resistance that has yet to be understood.)

Addendum: (This info was only found out after the incident as the only other person alive after SCP-3458's collection whom held the object seem to not be affected by it's mental strain)
After the Incident with SCP-3458-1 it has been found to have ability to afflict it’s user physically and mentally. The sword seems to in enhance the wielders speed and strength making them even deadlier enemies but the price seems to be putting a mental strain on on there minds.

SCP-3458-1: These are any persons negative effected by SCP-3458's ability to induce cognitive pressure on user in physical contact with it as well as increasing their physical ability. Subjects tested have seen to have displayed tendency most associated with a psychopath including:a almost euphoric pleasure in violent actions towards living things, lacking of a sense of regret or guilt for the most heinous actions they commit, and effortlessly killing another thing without any hesitation or necessity to do so. All class-D's that held the blade for tests had to have their arms bolted to a restraint as so they couldn't use the weapon in their new mind-set.

SCP-3458-2: Is what Pvt. -[Data_Purged]- Addendum:(Codename: “White-Chapel”) is labeled as since he does not experience the same mental degradation as SCP-3458-1's do but does gain the physical boost.