Item #: SCP-8991

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8991 cannot be contained. There are no available methods and most likely never will be. Due to SCP-8991's abilities, It cannot be contained. Everything has been tried. No matter what ANYBODY says, there is no way to contain it. If any other containment method is used, it could possibly anger SCP-8991, making it possibly end the universe. If a QK-Class event happens, all personnel should evacuate, via escape rockets.
The entity is currently floating above Site-19, affecting some staff.

Description: SCP-8991 is an entity that appears in the sky. It is not noticeable from the human eye, but has been captured via other methods. When its near and angry, the sky will go darker, and then
a QK-Class scenario happens. If this happens on site, all personnel should be evacuated and go somewhere else.
If any human being is near, they will get affected by a disease, designated, SCP-8991-1. The disease makes everything rot. Human beings only last 5 days with the disease before they pass away. It is unknown how the rotting process happens.
If any personnel are infected by the disease, they should be locked in the SCP-8991-1 Affection Room and not be let out until 5 days later, when they have passed. If the infection spreads, the site should be locked down, so that none of the infection escapes.

If the infection escapes, a XK-Class scenario could happen, as it could infect every human being, because it is fast moving. Personnel, when near SCP-8991 should not try to anger it. Try and have a friendly conversation and try and get it to be happy so it does not destroy the universe.