Cyantreuse III

<Cyril> I've got a McFuckin Idea
21:30:47 the end of the world by means of humanity begins to forget, in batches of thousands of people with some sort of recognizable pattern in the regions that get hit and in what order, a lot of normal things. One day people forget how long a meter is. Small shit. Then they forget what a pear is, and have never heard of the tree. It's relatively simple to deal with those things because there's objective proof that they're something (here's a meter stick, here's a tree and its latin name)
21:31:08 but then it gets harder to contain. People forget the concept of money, maybe. Something big.
21:31:12 idk I'm just spitballing
21:31:24 <LordStonefish> ooh
21:31:25 <Cyril> but it's random shit that's just an /element of society/
21:31:32 be it physical or conceptual
21:32:02 and we never know what people are going to forget next, just that it might occur in, say, London and affect 300,000 people
21:32:24 because the Foundation has found a way to track it, which makes me wonder what "it" is. Is our SCP article what's causing this?
21:32:35 this is where I direct general concept to others on the team