The Fortuna Button

Object Class:
PLEASE NOTESCP-XXXX's full extent of power has not been fully investigated, therefore classification is prone to change.

Containment of SCP-XXXX would be impossible without destruction of the object. Facility ████ has since been built around the object and is accessible only by level 4 clearance.

SCP-XXXX is a button made of a pearl-like substance on a marble pedestal, situated in █████, █████████████. The pedestal contains the Latin inscriptions "Ludex Esse Videatur" (Judge Of Creation) and "Judex Contritionis Levabunt" (Judge Of Destruction) on the Eastern and Western sides respectively. The pedestal is 267 meters above sea level, compared to the average ███ meters, making it ███ meters lower than the regular terrain. The object was originally found by several construction workers in 1983, 2 of which pressed the button - the first (now an example of SCP-XXXX-A) feeling revitalized and extremely enthusiastic, and the second disappearing and shortly being replaced with a brown bear, wiping out the construction site apart from the first worker. When pressed in future tests, SCP-XXXX seemingly does random things every time; one test session creating 2 bottles of mead, spawning several balloons that suffocated a subject, rupturing one guard's spleen and creating a small flame which wouldn't spread or be able to put out, even burning in 'holy water' generated from SCP-294.

This is work-in-progress