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Image taken from inside the chamber of SCP-3565

Item #: SCP-3565

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3565's containment chamber must be connected to at least 1 airlock system pumping air back to the chamber.

The chamber must contain at least one Thaumiel#2653532795, which has to be replaced every 30 minutes, either mechanically or manually.

In case a containment breach takes place, "Restrainer" class vacuum units have to be used. The lockdown of the affected rooms must be initiated and maintained until vacuum units become operational. There should be at least one vacuum unit operator per 6³ m of SCP-3565. Operators must go through mandatory training yearly.

Description: SCP-3565 is a black gas-like substance which appears to expand constantly at a rate of about 15³ cm per second. SCP-3565 absorbs light which causes people submerged in it not to be able to see further than approximately 50 cm.

As SCP-3565 constantly grows, it can build high pressures. The use of Thaumiel#2653532795 circumvents this situation due to its [REDACTED] interacting with SCP-3565

Submerging in the gas is only safe when there is at least one Thaumiel#2653532795 in the room containing SCP-3565. Known side-effects are impaired vision and a mild scent of sulfur. Other gases levels such as oxygen remain the same regardless of the presence of SCP-3565. The smell of sulfur may cause nausea if the subject is submerged for extended periods of time.

When a Thaumiel#2653532795 remains exposed for a period of 30 minutes to SCP-3565, it must be taken to [REDACTED] and must not be exposed again for at least 2 hours. Thaumiel#2653532795 is commonly referred to as the "air purifier" by staff1.

Addendum 3565-A: Incident reports

Document 3565-A1

Location: [REDACTED]

Detailed occurrence: The foundation was notified of an anomalous black substance trapped inside an old MRI machine. In order to transport the substance, on-site personnel used vacuum cleaners originally designed to clean SCP-████.

At Site-██, the vacuum cleaner burst open, releasing SCP-3565. More vacuum cleaners were used to recontain SCP-3565, until the retrieval of [REDACTED], which led to the discovery of the Thaumiel#2653532795, making the containment of SCP-3565 possible.

Document 3565-A1

Cause: Thaumiel#2653532795 stopped working after 44 minutes of exposure to SCP-3565

Detailed occurrence: After 44 minutes of SCP-3565's initial containment, Thaumiel# 2653532795's operations subtly ceased. The highly pressurized SCP-3565 caused an explosion, damaging part of the chamber lock.

Dr █████ reported seeing SCP-3565 passing through the damaged lock. He was not harmed by the explosion.

Addendum 3565-B: Experiments utilising class-D personnel

Document 3565-B2 NEEDS REWORK