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Image taken from inside SCP-4565's chamber

Item #: SCP-4565

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4565's containment chamber must be connected to at least 1 airlock system and the chamber must contain at least one SCP-4566-1 at all times, which needs to be replaced every 30 minutes.

In case a containment breach takes place, "Restrainer" containment specialist team equipped with appropriate vacuum units must be dispatched. The lockdown of the affected rooms must be initiated and maintained until vacuum units become operational. There should be at least one vacuum unit operator per 6³ m of SCP-4565. Operators must pass mandatory training yearly.

In code GREEN conditions, a Restrainer team with at least 3 personnel must guard SCP-4565's chamber equipped with appropriate vacuum units.

Description: SCP-4565 is a black gas-like substance which expands constantly at a rate of about 15³ cm per second. The gas emanates a mild scent of sulfur and absorbs light, limiting submerged subjects' vision to about 50 cm far, varying as per the mathematical formula [REDACTED].

SCP-4565's constant growth can lead it to build up high pressures when kept in a confined recipient. The use of SCP-4566-1 circumvents this situation due [REDACTED] interacting with SCP-4565.

Submerging in the gas is only safe when there is at least one SCP-4566-1 in the room containing SCP-4565. If SCP-4565 builds high enough pressure, severe trauma may be felt by submerged subjects. The smell of sulfur may cause nausea on subjects submerged for extended periods of time.

Addendum 4565-A: Incident reports