Scp 3507 draft (please edit and/or critique)

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Scp 3507-3 after cleaned and suspended for testing

Scp 3507

Class: Safe Euclid Keter

Special containment procedures:

Scp 3507 is to be contained inside a 3x3 yard stainless steel cube, reinforced 5 times over. Every 3-5 hours a specially hooked up pump is to dump hydrochloric acid onto the cube. A 5-meter fence is to be maintained around the surrounding area. Two armed personnel are to guard the area at all times. Any instances of Scp 3507-X are to be neutralized or, if not seen before or classified as Safe or Thaumiel, contained for further testing.


Scp 3507 is a standard issue dumpster found behind a [Redacted] pizza shop, located in ███████, California. It was brought to the foundation’s attention after reports of several disappearances where traced back to the dumpster. Later testing found that Scp 3507, or at least Scp 3507-4, seems to take discarded plushies and electronics, and make them into instances of Scp 3507-X. Scp 3507 and Scp 3507-X prove to be incredibly resilient to firearms, fire, and water, although Scp 3507-X can be destroyed by acid (not including Scp 3507-4, although he is bound to Scp 3507 so it isn’t that much of a hassle from a distance). A yardstick was pushed into Scp 3507, and was subsequently pulled into the dumpster by an unknown force, later confirmed as Scp 3507-X. An Scp-issued drone labeled as “Dumpster Diver” was issued to be lowered onto the dumpster.

The drone was equipped with a depth meter, and the first few feet consisted entirely of discarded cardboard, plastic, rotting pizza, and other discarded items that would normally be regarded as “trash”. After about 2 and a half feet, Dumpster Diver began to come across several malformed and disrepaired plush dolls. Some of which being a dirty “Laa-Laa” doll from the British-American television show “Teletubbies” with the screen on its belly ripped up and its eyes bulging, a dog plush with quote, “too many legs sewed on”, and a white teddy bear whose mouth was been ripped, and replaced with a pair of dentures in a considerable state of disrepair. (Instances of these particular plush dolls have been designated Scp 3507-1, 2, and 3.) The plush dolls seemed to move, interacting with the drone with genuine curiosity, and did not damage the drone in any way, shape, or form.

At around 10 yards deep, the drone came across a pit, the trash ceiling being held up by black viscous tendrils composed entirely of █████, After about 2 minutes, a large serpentine head made entirely of the same viscous substance slowly came out of the dark before the feed cut off.

Two class-D personnel where instructed to try to empty the dumpster, now classified as Scp 3507-4. As soon as the dumpster begin to tip over, a large tendril made entirely of a black, viscous supplement of █████ emerged from the dumpster and wrapped itself around the class-D personnel, dragging them inside. After the incident, the Scp 3507 was considered Euclid and had a 5x5 yard stainless steel cube and and an electric fence put up around the dumpster and the [Redacted] pizza shop was subsequently closed. Later the event known as addendum-3507: “Friday pickup” occurred on ██,██,20██.

Addendum-3507: “Friday pickup”

Two Class-3 scientists (labeled as S1 and S2) and one Class-4 guard walk into the vicinity past the electric fence.

The Class-4 guard leaves.

S1: hello. We are here to ask you some questions.

Scp-3507-X: (shifting noises)

S2 walks over, and unlocks the dumpster.

S2: you are obligated to answer. We know you can talk.

Scp 3507-X: (unintelligible mumbling)

S1: first question. What exactly are you?

Scp 3507-X goes quiet.

S2: Comply or we will be required to act with force.

Scp 3507 begins to convulse slightly, then Dumpster Diver crawls out of Scp 3507. It had been outfitted with several additions that were not given to it by the foundation, as well as gaining small mechanical spider legs, a small laser, and what seems to be artificial intelligence.

S2 walks over to it.

S2: what the hell-

Instances of Scp 3507-X begin jumping out of Scp 3507 and on to S2, and begin [Redacted]


S1 begins to run outside the containment.

New instances of Scp 3507-X begin to emerge, some being described as “A stuffed tiger with a baby doll head” (Contained), “A living eagle carcass” (MIA), and “A rotten pizza monster” (terminated).

Scp 3507-X begin to break apart the containment, resulting in large scale containment breach consisting entirely of Scp 3507-X.

The Scp 3507-X (not including Scp 3507-4) begin to attack foundation personnel and other personnel near the site, latching on and [Redacted], leaving them, at best, covered in scratches and bruises, and, at worst, [Redacted].

The Scp 3507-X were later secured and contained by NTF personnel, and put into the Scp 999 containment cell, as the anomalous properties of Scp 999 kept the Scp 3507-X calm and secured. During that time Scp 3507-2 was accidentally spilled with hydrochloric acid by Dr.████, and burned almost half of its legs off. After the events of Friday pickup Scp 3507 was classified as Keter and had the containment procedures updated to make the cube reinforced 5 times over, making the walls about 6 inches thick, as well as decreasing the size to 3x3 yards. After it came to the attention of the 05 council that instances of Scp 3507-X could be destroyed by hydrochloric acid, a pump was installed to the outside of the containment cube to cover it in hydrochloric acid every 3-5 hours. Cross-testing with Scp 999 is currently undergoing acceptance.