Cyrus Ambrose (Feeding On Fear)
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Item #: SCP-3432

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: At this time, SCP-3432 is not contained. Any personnel with a proposal for perpetuated containment of SCP-3432 are to contact Site Director Sylas ██████████1. Until such a time that SCP-3432 can be successfully contained, the following contact procedures should be upheld by all Foundation personnel.

  • Personnel should not attempt to hostilely engage with or otherwise attack or antagonize SCP-3432. Failure to do so may cause SCP-3432 to disappear, with later encounters, to the same person or to others, having greater potential of aggressive behavior.
  • Personnel who encounter SCP-3432 are advised to act naturally as the situation would call for, allowing for the natural reaction to take place. Failure to do so may cause an aggressive response by SCP-3432 in an attempt to feed properly.
  • Personnel who encounter SCP-3432 that find themselves unaffected by his primary trapping method are expected to attempt to establish communication with the entity and, if successful, attempt to negotiate containment. Note that this should only be done at least six minutes after SCP-3432 has been encountered, in order to allow for his feeding to prevent an aggressive response.
  • Personnel who have encountered SCP-3432 are to immediately report to their site psychologist or a Class-3 or higher individual at their site, in either order depending on their state after the encounter. The personnel they report to are to contact Site Director Sylas ██████████ and Dr. █████ Lawrence immediately and inform them that a 3432 encounter has occurred. Psychiatric evaluation is mandatory, as is psychiatric hold of at least two days.

Any personnel that sight SCP-3432 outside of an instance where it approaches them during their sleep cycle are to immediately contact a member of Site security, and forbidden from sleeping without other personnel in the room for at least seventy-two hours.


Description: SCP-3432 is a visual cognito-hazard. While usually humanoid in appearance, SPC-3432 has been confirmed to show the capability of shape-shifting, as well as the ability to teleport over long distance through unknown means. SCP-3432 normally appears in one of two forms.

The first, his most common appearance, is what appears to be a featureless humanoid composed entirely of shadow, with a hat in the design of a trilby or fedora shaped out of the shadow over its head. In this form, he stands between 1.9 and 2.4 meters in height, and is normally seen entering into the vicinity of its target directly.

The second, which has been reported in sightings less frequently, has been described as a 'large child' in size, however it is formed in the same shadow-like composition as the other form. The only distinguishable features of this form tend to show as two ringed spots in the face, where the eyes would be, causing the eyes to appear as the color of whatever is behind them to the perspective of their target though several accounts report the rings being filled in as blue in color, rather than the color of the background. Some reports of this figure also show it to have white teeth formed, easily visible in contrast to the shadow, that are normally formed into a grin - the likes of which is often reported as unsettling. As opposed to the standard entry by the other form, when in this form, SCP-3432 seems to hold a preference of teleportation, with the target initially sighting SCP-3432 as being on their torso in some fashion that restricts breathing.

While these forms are the most commonly reported, some instances have shown SCP-3432 to take other appearances, normally described as more demonic or ghostly in form. These forms are normally reported to have white eyes, which is almost universally described by its victims as the likeness of a predatory animal staring at them.

The visual cognito-hazard produced by SCP-3432 causes sleep paralysis2 in anyone that is in the vicinity of SCP-3432 that it is viewing. It is assumed to be under the same effect as those that view it - which is always a response of fear, at least in human subjects that have observed it. SCP-3432 uses these cognito-hazardous effects to achieve what is currently described as it feeding. The sustenance it seems to gather when feeding is drawn from various hormones within the human body, all with the common link of being hormones triggered when a human feels fear. The primary hormones targeted by this feeding seem to be Cortisol, Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine, as well as the pheromone Androstadienone. These are known due to medical examinations of the subject showing incredibly low amounts of these chemicals in the bodies for a time after the encounter with SCP-3432. Further examination has shown that SCP-3432 may also feed on an unknown chemical assumed to be a potential pheromone released by humans during a fear response, similar to the alarm pheromone found in other mammals, reptiles, and birds.

While these feedings normally do not have lethal effects, there are a number of side effects. Damage to the adrenal glands due to the increase in production caused by the feeding has caused the development of Addison's Disease in approximately 11.8% of known subjects. The chemical loss has been known to rarely cause death via cardiac arrest or oxygen starvation of the brain via low blood flow, with approximately 3.2% of subjects dying within a week of feeding. Other effects include development of attention deficit hyperactive disorder, depression, and extreme hypo-tension.

SCP-3432 exclusively mostly appears to those that are asleep, in order to feed. Frequent dreaming during REM sleep, and, as a result, frequent nightmares seem to cause an attraction to the chemicals that are released to the fear response. In some cases, SCP-3432 is not seen by their victim, and in these cases the victim claims to have felt as if they were falling as they woke up. Video recordings of these instances have shown SCP-3432 physically lifting their target towards it, causing this effect. As no instance of this happening has occurred within a month of a reported encounter with SCP-3432, it is assumed that this is meant to be driven by SCP-3432 being in a sense of starvation at the time, as these instances are more likely to lead to the aforementioned side effects and the subjects are shown to have decreased levels of the fed upon chemicals for much longer periods of time.

The heightened levels of fear, as well as the total bodily paralysis due to the respective sight and proximity of SCP-3432, are nullified to any persons who has shown to score at least a 131 on a Lucien-Maxis Memetic Resistance Test.

Incident Log 3432-098, First Confirmed Intentional Kill by SCP-3432

On January ██, 20██, Junior Agent █████ ███████ reported an encounter with what he described as an "a weird, shadow figure" in his room. █████ has previously taken a Lucien-Maxis Memetic Resistance test, and has achieved one of the highest scores to date in the Foundation, thus his placement in [REDACTED]. █████ reported that he had just woken from a nightmare, and, in his surprised state, had drawn the firearm kept under his pillow and aimed at SCP-3432. SCP-3432 approached him, causing him to open fire. It is unknown if the shots had any effect on the SCP, as it teleported away. For the next several days, █████ reported seeing a shadowy figure, different in shape each time, in his peripheral vision at various points throughout the day. One week after his initial encounter with SCP-3432, ████ was found dead in his quarters, with multiple gunshot wounds and broken bones from blunt force trauma, with his nearby bloodied pistol being assumed as the bludgeoning weapon, as it had discharged all rounds as well. Furthermore, his adrenal glands had been torn out entirely from his body. Reviewing of security footage shows his assailant to have been SCP-3432, with the method of retrieval of the glands being the creature reaching into █████'s body via a bullet wound, tearing through his internal organs, and ripping out the gland, along with most of the upper half of █████'s kidneys. █ encounters with SCP-3432 over the course of the next week had shown him taking much more aggressive stances, with █ of these instances also resulting in minor bodily harm upon the target. Since this encounter, SCP-3432 has been seen ██ at Site ███, a noteworthy regularity to his pattern, however it is less than half of his assumed feeding pattern. Additionally, multiple personnel who have been targeted by SCP-3432 have reported seeing the similar shadow figure before or after the attack, with this frequency only increasing to those who resist the cognito-hazardous effects.