Item #: SCP-3672

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3672 is to be kept in a locked safe in storage sector B. The object is to be taped shut when not being tested. Any laughter heard in the area is to be reported at once.

Description: SCP-3672, otherwise known as “Canned Laughter” is a nondescript aluminum can, with a lid that can be opened and closed. Upon opening, the can emits the sound of laughter. If someone nearby tells a joke, the laughter emitted will scale depending on how good the joke is. Further testing is not required, as it is assumed that everything is known about the object.

Audio recorded from a test of the SCP

A nearby researcher tells a joke. The can is opened and emits laughter. The researcher tells another joke, considerably worse than the last. The can emits no laughter when opened.

Researcher: Very interesting. It would seem the object emits more or less laughter, depending on the quality of the joke?

Intern: So…. It’s a joke detector?

Researcher: No, it’s an anomalous object that can hear jokes and emit laughter based on that.

Intern: A joke detector.

Researcher: sighs call it whatever you like, it’s of SCP classification, so it’s to remain in the facility

Intern: It doesn’t really seem that dangerous though…

Researcher: If you’re ever going to be in a position such as mine, you have to know that these objects are always dangerous.

*end of audio*