SCP-51342 (documented by D-79341)

Item Number: SCP-51342

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-51342 is to be held in a sealed 1x1x1 square feet locked box. It is to be kept locked at all times, except for during testing.


SCP-51342 is a hardcover book titled Holiday Horrors. There is a seemingly infinite number of pages, with the vast majority of them being blank. Pages like this have been seen to fill themselves in at random. Whenever a new letter is being materialized, a glisten can be seen in the new letter for a few moments before the liquid making up the letter dries. Only a few samples of this liquid have been able to be extracted from the book, however, after some testing, it has been found to be very similar to traditional ink in its chemical makeup. Testing of the book seems to have revealed it to be made out of this ink-like fluid, as when it is torn apart or set on fire, it will leak this liquid in varying amounts depending on how much and what type of damage was dealt to it. The pages also seem have a memory of some sort, as when a chapter is wiped out, it is back in approximately 30 minutes. When someone first reads a story in the book (these stories being different chapters of the novel), they will try to become the antagonist of that story, using any available materials to take on the look of the character and taking on that character’s personality. The second, third, fourth, fifth, and onward to read a story someone has read, that third person will form a following of some sort for that story’s antagonist, which will worship the story’s “First Reader”, being the first one to read that following's story. Each “First-Reader” is numbered by the chapter they read (i.e. SCP-51342-1-A for the “First-Reader” of Chapter 1). Each "Second Reader" will take on the look and personality of that story's protagonist, not, however, using any organic material.

[TEST LOG-51342-01]

D-64235 enters the containment area with a key. He opens the box.
Guard: Open the book, D-64235.
D-64235 opens SCP-51342 to a random page.
D-64235: What’s so special about thi-
The blank page quickly fills itself in with a new story.
D-64235 reads the recently added story. When finished, D-64235, henceforth referred to as SCP-51342-1, searches around frantically for materials for three minutes before noticing the clothes on his body and the fingers on his left hand. SCP-51342-1 rips parts of his clothing off, making a crude, earless rabbit mask. He then proceeds to rip of the fingers on his left hand, shoving them on top of each other on his head, making fleshy rabbit ears out of them.

[TEST LOG-51342-02]

SCP-51342 is laid down on top of a steel desk. The Class-D performing the test draws a machete and the disposable human cuts off a corner of SCP-51342 just as insignificant as himself. The cut corner melts into the ink supposedly making up SCP-51342 and freezes back onto the object, reverting it to its previous form. The insignificant book corner of a human then pulls out a small flamethrower and shoots. SCP-51342 bursts into flames, just like an ordinary book would, but just as fast as it erupts, it puts itself out. It then quickly regenerates (note the same black ink vanishing from the surface).