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The Insurgency: Shortly after I made this account, the "pride incident" happened. Myself and a bunch of the other oldfags still standing thought this as the last straw, and decided to move on. While the RPC is a failure in my eyes, the Insurgency is still growing (slowly but surely). I am proud to be the site's owner (although Mr. Epsilon was the site's creator).

New Account, Old Stories: I tend to be a hardcore lurker in most of the communities that I am in; making fun of, taking part in, and making memories out of interesting events. I have been reading and interacting with the wiki since 2012, and I have contributed minimally to the SCP site on multiple occasions before the creation of this account as an anonymous source. Please excuse the age of my account, and treat me by my merit, but if you don't then I understand.

To give you an idea of how much of a lurker I am, I've only made accounts on YouTube, Bandcamp, and wikidot, that serve any purpose whatsoever. All other accounts that I have made in my life have been subject to impulsive termination.


A still image of inside SN-019 from the video log of Expedition IV.

SN-019 "The Vent Maze"

Subject Class: Tierra

Status: Extradimensional Study Subject

Control Procedures: A 5m tall fence currently surrounds the perimeter of the building that contains SN-019, with an entrance through the fencing at the north end of the structure. The building itself is to remain under the guise of its original purpose before being bought out by the Insurgency: a █████ manufacturing facility.

No less than two (2) guards from Alpha Cell or above are to protect the entrance to the facility, and at least an additional two (2) guards from Alpha Cell or above are to scout for potential intruders along the fencing at all times. Intruders are to be killed on sight.

All expeditions into SN-019 are to be carried out by the [REDACTED]. The equipment for the subjects to bring into SN-019 is at the discretion of the conducting staff, although a military grade flashlight, standard issue extra-scale visual and auditory recording hardware, and a standard issue extra-scale auditory receptor are necessary.

The facility housing SN-019 is known to the Insurgency as outpost 14-UIY.

Description: SN-019 is a ventilation duct system located in the formerly named "█████████████████████████████" in ██████████, California. While the majority of the duct entrances lead to a non-anomalous vent system, one located on the fourth floor beside room N523 leads to an entirely different system (SN-019), that does not conjoin with the other entrances in the building.

The Anomaly has currently had seven expeditions led into it. All expeditions have not yet found an end to SN-019, and, after the results of Expedition 019-VI, it is believed that SN-019 may have an infinite or extradimensional size.

SN-019 differs from traditional ventilation systems in that it harbors a maze-like structure; containing dead ends, inefficient design, and an apparent lack of exits. Despite this, SN-019 is well ventilated, and, when measured during Expedition III and Expedition VI, had a consistent amount of oxygen present. SN-019 has also been observed to have never required cleaning, leading to the belief that it is self-maintaining. How it accomplishes this is, as of yet, unknown.

As discovered in Expedition II, the distance traveled away from SN-019's entrance is directly proportional to the likelihood of experiencing vivid hallucinations and delusions pertaining to the contents of, and events occurring in, SN-019. These range from the affected individuals believing that they are suffering from asphyxia (Expedition II - Expedition III), to completely different surroundings, inconsistent depth perception, lack of awareness for their bodily movements, and communication with non-existent entities (Expedition V - Expedition VI).

Addendum: Due to the events of Expedition VI, Dr. █████ has been reassigned as a head researcher for the [REDACTED], as per the orders of Delta Cell. His rank as Delta Cell will remain.

Addendum 2: Due to the events of Expedition VII, no further expeditions are to be held until further notice is given from the [REDACTED].

plans: descibe the Anomaly more and make expedition logs.