It was an unusually uncomfortable ride to the meeting for him. He was only 52 and his hands were trembling as though a gun was pointed at his head. Not to say that he hadn't been in that position before. I've even seen it with my own eyes which begs the question, why didn't he point his gun at me? Last I checked, his ID showed "Alvaro Salinas" so I'm guessing that's his name but I've noticed that he takes massive precautions to prevent people from knowing this. Just to let you know, his ID is in a waste island over in the Maldives.
I'm getting off hand, you want to know where he's going, right? Well, that's the thing. I don't know. He's passed a major mall called "The Great India Place", but I thought that the sign, or signs, since I have passed a lot on the way, would be in Hindi. Aside from the small details, I think we are in Noida which is the far north of India so I think we are heading to Site-36 to check up with the specialized MTF training groups. I've seen MTF before and field agents, but they don't seem that intimidating. I'm like the האגדי אף אחד or something like that. The Site apparently had a few SCPs, one which they say predicts important events that result in massive loss of life, and another is an organic village. Funny thing is, I know these guys, real funny if I say so myself. Back to the man of the hour, Alvaro was wearing the standard suit with a brown undershirt for extra diversity, a nice touch I would say, and he was holding the standard tan colored folder containing similar papers. I had to listen in to actually find out what they might've been.

"So…what's going on with the BJP's representative?" Alvaro sounds bored.

The driver was still concentrated on the road but said, "He's an aggressive and out-spoken man but sometimes can mean good when he is in the right mindset. Like in that assembly, he grabbed his dignity and walked right up with some other representatives of the party and demanded something around funds for developing something."

"Wow." Alvaro had no idea what he was talking about. The man doesn't even live in India. "Well, obviously that man was trying his best to change something, something that he was passionate about. If I'm honest, I can relate to him for the most part. I reckon this document will do a lot of good the MTF well-being and overall need for MTF insertion."

He stared down his document that he had grasped in his hand. Passion struck his wide eyes and his heart pulsated in love. The document was his whole world and he was god, joyfully watching his creation. His conscious was constricted to how his future boss will react when his creation sprouts and works. The effectiveness was no mere fantasy to him, it was reality to him. He thought about all the bases that will belong to him. What Alvaro doesn't know, is that the green light at the end of the bay was the wrong direction to head in and he would only feel stress and rushed piles placed on his desk like a movie cliche.

"Do you think that Aaron Bank will actually read my document?" Says a certain, uncertain Alvaro

His driver looked up in the rear-view mirror towards Alvaro, "I've never met the man myself so I can't say for certain. People have said that he is a serious but welcoming man if you impress him enough." The driver quickly looked back onto the road, unsure of what he said. He's probably an amateur when it comes to escorting high-value VIPs.

"Well, that sounds much better. I've had a few colleagues meet him and the next day they were put into a lower position than me. Like, what's up with that, right?" His speech becomes more and more anxious by the minute. It's almost as if he was about to go into a huge job interview that could change his life, like at a major technology and fruit company.

"We're nearly there, just to let you know. Would you like to stop at a restaurant, sir?" I looked at his eyes briefly and saw hesitation. He probably wanted to get the ride over and done with since he's been driving for nearly 5 hours and a half.

"Yeah, I could do with some food before I get demoted from my position. Could we stop at Rajan Pan Bhandar?" This caught the driver a bit off guard for some reason. He had been concentrating on the road for most of the time, listening to Alvaro mumble about back home and how he's going to introduce a special group into the monopolized enterprise. I sometimes caught him losing the rhythm of what he was saying and instantly changing the subject. Maybe it's because he was worried about whether I would sabotage his evil master plan.

"Um, sure. That's oddly specific. I'll see if I can find it on Bhuvan maps." I knew it. He knew it. Shit, even my imaginary friend knew it. Something was amidst, and I can't wait to see what unfolds.

"No need, I've been to this place before so I know where it is." Okay then, sure. Whatever you say, buddy. I guess that he thinks that the driver would buy his bullshit white boy lie about being in a working-class district of Najibabad.

The car started to slow down along a relatively thin dirt street, people calming walking across to their mini markets and fish shops. Behind the car was an attempt at an intersection that got the driver confused. He probably wasn't too knowledgeable about India's street laws. The intersection was very quiet for a while before the sound of a V8 disturbed the smooth waves of the marketplace. A black Ferrari roared straight through the intersection, with a hint of pink following the trashy wrap job it obviously had. Behind it was a blue Mercedes Benz with a woman holding an INSAS rifle bursting at the Ferrari but not trying to hurt the driver. The surprise startled the driver and the car slid to a stop.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing, man? Come on, I've got to get to this meeting. It's crucial for them to know about my covert group before the site goes down!" The driver was too hazed to notice how loudly Alvaro shouted at him. I was surprised at his urgency and the matter didn't seem to strike me as overly important.

The driver was inexplicably scared about the recent incident but got back to his senses and drove on. I heard a magnetic clang! to Alvaro's side of the car. I'm even more surprised that he didn't hear it. He must be more fixated on how late he'll be to the meeting. Visual sweat now stained his shirt's collar and made a noticeable, but hard to see, stain on his shirt. The car moved steadily along the dirt road with slight loss of traction. Alvaro's muscles tightened and his mouth moves with stutters, "I'm gonna fucking fail this" and things related to that. After a few minutes of this, his chest begins to convey irregular respirations and his eyes lost concentration to the right side of the marketplace. I can tell that more and more of the market is becoming familiar meaning that we are close. His folder is shaking and Alvaro is clearly not worried about creasing it up at all.

"Stop right here!"

The car swiftly stopped at the volume of Alvaro's voice and the driver's foot on the brake. I looked around and saw that there was barely anyone in sight, meaning that the meeting was surely not to be overheard by the accidental eavesdropper. Alvaro gripped his folder and was quietly muttering to himself. He was breathing more deeply and his eyes looked strained. The driver knew that the meeting would take awhile so he was scanning the desolate commercial area for a market, preferably a mall, but he knew that wouldn't be here. The street next to Sabnigran St was called Kallu Ganj and had a Hindu Temple in construction. The whole structure of the construction looked odd because the temple seemed to be almost finished but closer inspection gives a sense that it'll never be finished. The Driver was looking cautiously at the in-progress temple. Confused, I hurriedly followed Alvaro towards the Rajan restaurant. There is a man waiting outside with a complimentary plate of Paan. Behind the man are two very large, tall and muscular men wearing business-like suits. They're your average cliche bodyguards who would probably drop if you even dare hurt them.

We walk up to the man who is casually dressed, despite what was said inside the car, and sat down on the opposite side of the wooden table. The table seems to have small grass and leaf clippings sticking out of it but gives off the odd smell of garlic surrounds the group of tense and calm men. One broke the silence.

"Why are you wearing a fucking suit and tie. I didn't say this was a business meeting did I?" The man sitting down was frustrated by the image that he was seeing. Clearly contemplating whether to call the meeting off before it even started, Alvaro gave his well thought out response.

"S—I wasn't sure about what we were supposed to wear so I went with the logical choice."

"Are you calling me stupid?"

"No! Of course not, I just didn't know the full the details. The response you gave me was vague and cryptic."

"Rightly so, this meeting is very confidential beyond your own clearance level and yet, here you are."

"How's the site going? I heard they were expanding for more SCPs."

"That expansion is for specialized vehicles for the MTF. Most of these vehicles don't even look armored but that's for the False Flag Ops that they often do. We actually just took in a
Mahindra Bolero and a Honda City. Both cars had to have their engines replaced due to them being too underpowered and slow."

"Sounds like the site has been doing pretty good. Any new MTF equipment in the works?" To me, I already know this so I'm starting to get a bit bored but then the director said something.

"We are actually currently in developments of creating a sight that can see through walls with vacuums in between and with a thickness of half a kilometer. They would be adjustable, of course. With this in the works, we are also creating a projecting device which allows constructs of rooms with entities and people to be created by manipulating the sun's rays into visible images that is constantly updating."

"Wow, so I'm guessing you guys are really busy over there. Hopefully, I'm not wasting your time becau—"

"Actually, you are wasting a lot of my time which I could be using to eat this wonderful paan and go sign some actual proposals."

"Ok, ok, here's my folder."

Alvaro gave the man the folder immediately, without hesitation even. The man eyed the folder cautiously and showed experience beyond what I had previously known over the years.

The man opened the folder and looked at its only content:

The man breathes deeply and frowns at the document before opening his lips. "So is this a proposal or just an informative document on an underground White Task Force that we can't even control?"

Alvaro's arms tremor a little at the sudden and intensity of the question. His calmness at the start had been turned around by the man's frustrated exclamation. "Well, the document should be informative enough to get you up-to-date on the task force, which you clearly haven't heard about yet, and give you an idea of where we are and where we want to head towards."

One of the bodyguards stiffened to the sound of people marching. I, for one, was a little bit worried that we were going to be ambushed and shot at because of the rumors going around. Due to on-going skirmishes between the foundation and their frenemies, I had to be on the lookout because I had heard that they were gunning for a man of around 5"4, short beard, narrowed jawline to 125 degrees, and short hair. Luckily, a lot of people look like that so I'm good for now. Recently, Anderson Robotics has released their newest line of robots that would scare even Edward Feigenbaum, who began expert systems. The sounds of footsteps flooded the nearly empty road and chanting could be heard half a kilometer away. Before we could see the crowd of people, who were actually protesting for stricter laws on safety since the last mass murder, the table collapsed to the ground and started to decompose at an alarming rate.

Further examination made me realize that the bark on the tree was in its decomposition stage and patterns were almost forming on the barren wood itself. The wood itself seems to be around the wooden family of Pinaceae. A puddle directly underneath the table seems to be a strong acidic liquid, although it looks very clear but thick and has an incredibly strong smell. The smell is almost unavoidably irritating to the throat, which begs the question, why didn't we smell it before? Before I was able to come round to a possible theorem, the liquid completely encompasses the fallen table and what used to be wood was now a messy, squishy slab of softwood. Microorganisms come out of their hiding spots and take advantage of the free food.

The men were shocked and uncomfortable with what used to be a table was now apart of the ground and left to mother nature. The true uncertainty of the situation didn't hit them the slightest so I didn't mention anything about it. One of them spoke out, it was the high official from Site-36.

"What just happened? We aren't being attacked, are we?" The man frantically asks his bodyguards who were as confused and worried as he was.

One of the bodyguard's phones vibrate and he reaches to grab it in his right pocket. His dark glasses reflect a long text message. He then proceeds to tell the rest of us what it was about.

"Our nearby radar station picked up an anomaly who just released frequency waves and manipulative organic transmissions from nearby here. Apparently, we may have been in its vicinity and we are being recalled back to the site. They said that Alvaro and his assistant may come too."

"Is that all it said? I was told that no classifieds were around here." The VIP was distraught and wondering whether he was in any immediate danger. He sank his attention towards the incoming protestants. He knew something was off, all of those years of experience led to this exact moment and whether he knew what the right choice was. I could tell that this was a tense situation for him.

"Alright, let's go. I'm assuming that you and your assistant have a car?" The Director said calmly, as though the fact that a rogue SCP didn't even worry him a little bit.

"Yeah, we have a car. My driver should be ready to take us to your site. Where is it exactly?"

"The site is at 30.314179, 78.776094. Probably should write that down unless you're photographic, which I doubt you are."

Alvaro goes into his pocket and begins to put in the coords, "30.3140..shit! What was it again, I got confused on how you said some of the numbers. Sorry."

"30.314179, 78.776094. Don't forget either, I'm not going to say it again for your leisure."

Alvaro quickly typed it into his phone and went back to his driver. The Director couldn't see exactly where the car was but didn't take much notice of it. Based on the many possible reasons that Alvaro hid the car from the Director, I could guess on a few.

He's hiding something from the Director that I didn't see or smell and didn't want the big man catching on. Alvaro was nervous during the ride, but he was probably getting ready for the meeting, though it wasn't all that long. Another possibility was that he was suspecting an attack or something that caused him to get a clean getaway. Based on the position of the car, it was angled to a degree where it would be a straightaway for a good 20m before having to turn.

The ground started to open up like a widespread volcano eruption in Hawaii. One could look into it and only see darkness. Must be pretty deep. Further from the openings are small mounds appearing. Alvaro was still in the Mercedes talking to his driver, not noticing that the earth may very well be alive. Vibrations can be felt underneath my feet and I become slightly uneasy. I'm not too aware of this scp, or whatever it is. The guards wave over for the Director to notice them, motioning for him to get into their car. This might be another Tremors movie.

"Sir, can we please get into the car. We'll see Alvaro there and you guys can talk in your office. I don't feel too good about our location and the table was a pretty clear sign."

"I know. It's just that my radar isn't picking it up and it usually detects vibrations literally anywhere."

I slowly walk over to the Mercedes, being careful not to be too fast. Alvaro sees me and notices my expression. He gets into the car and opens my side up. He notices that I'm worried and visibly shaking. He tells the driver to get going and that he'll see the Director at the site. Right on time too because the ground became a gorging hole in the ground and right in front of us…is a worm?

'YO, WHAT THE FUCK?" The driver becomes startled and reacts swiftly, engaging his defensive driver's training. His breaths are short and sweet and his body is extremely tense. You could even see his neck muscles.

The creature flies up, almost hovering. Its size is staggering to the fact that it's been under us for this long. Its diameter looks like 3 meters but it's definitely big. Definitely a tremor too. Its round, worm-like shape makes it something to worry about. It's literally a tunnel boring machine.

It gores its way down after causing a minor earthquake in the span of 2 minutes, making itself known.

"Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck. Axle, take us to the site and put the Director on call."

Another vibration is shaking the whole car.

"Already done, but he isn't picking up."

Cracks in the earth are appearing and walls are breaking down. The liquid from under the used-to-be-table is seeping down into the cracks.

"For fuck sake, call him again." He picks up this time. How convenient.

Good timing too. The driver slams onto the pedal moving away from the building and the convenient-timing worm engulfs the restaurant. The building is now just a massive hole. The V8 on the Mercedes roars along the dirt road and over to the site, which is about a 5-hour drive.

"Oh my fucking shit that thing is fast. V8 fast." The driver steps on it thinking that the car will magically go faster. It doesn't.

"Director, have you called an MTF yet?"

"Not yet, my driver needs to get to an area that has a strong enough signal. Something is jamming our signals."

"Hopefully not that worm because that would be a bit concerning."

"Shut up and keep driving." The driver kept his focus on the road and traffic, which was mainly people. Terrified people at that.

"Director, do you have a transport nearby for you?"

"Yes we do, we have a fucking time traveling machine in the back of our SUV."

He chuckles at this, "Alright, try to stay alive while I call my guys."

"Whoever you are calling better get rid of this fucking worm."

"Don't even think about it. They've had a few successes in the past." Alvaro grinned at this and had a slightly straighter posture than before. Is he getting cocky?

The worm is still on our tail and figures are absorbed by the immense mound that is following the car. People are struggling to get away from it and cradle their children from being tempted to run to the newly formed mound.

"I think it's gaining on us. Crap, it's bigger than a fucking K1-Blackfish." The driver concentrates half on the road and the rear-view mirror. It does seem to be gaining on us.

"Letalis said that they can get here in 5 minutes."

"5 minutes? The fuck, how?"

"I'm not entirely sure. I'm not too heavily acquainted with any of them so I wouldn't know their habits."

"Where are they now?" Alvaro checks into his phone.

"I'm not entirely sure but they're coming in fast, about " I can't blame him for his uncertainty. My head was thinking that they must've been going 2,040 kph over 170 km. This is just for my sake.

Then my answer came:

"Driver, step on it now!" He does and the car somehow goes faster. The V8 sounds as though it's struggling over the driver overusing it.

Out of nowhere, I heard a familiar sound. Jet engines.

"There they are, I guess."

"I need a 'know', not a 'I guess'."