Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Blood Sword is plugged in a cube of cement whitch is 1m high 1m wide and 1m long. Only the handle is not in the Cube. Only Level Two or higher personnel are allowed to go to the cell. It it permanentely watched by Cameras and at least one Level 2 Guard must secure the Cell.

Description: The Blood Sword is an very old hand sword whitch was made 1000 Years ago by an blacksmith in Germany. Researches by Dr. -- show that it was made by order of King Heinrich the second. The Sword is 75cm long, the blade is 5cm wide (15 cm with handguard) and 2cm thic. It weights about 2.5 kilogramms.
It seems like an normal Sword, but if the owner put some of his blood on the blade it gets very sharp and can cut everything. Till now it is not figured out how this works. Dr. -- mensioned that the resources of the sword are took out of a certain forest in the near of --.
Further researches showed that the owner have to put more and more blood on the blade to keep in sharp. If the owner got killed the killer is the new owner of the sword and can use the abilitys, but everytime a new owner got the sword the sword did not needet more blood to be put on it. The
"blood-counter" is set back.
The last known Owner was King Friedrich Barbarossa. He died at east Europe and there his sword got found by Prof. --. Unfortunately he cut hisself with the sword while carring it to Germany and he was the new owner of the sword.
As he and his team arrived the German SCP-Foundation, a Level 2 Worker run him over with an truck.
So this Level 2 Worker was technikally the new owner. But till this point nobody knows that it work this way.
This worker was send to carry the sword in the Cell. He puttet it in a plastic case and the sharp plastic of the case cutted into his hand and a single drop of his blood reached the blade. The blade cutted through the case and sticked into the ground. Dr. -- was instructed to make sure how it works and hwo it can be stored safe.
He took some blood of the worker to make it sharp again and stabbed it into the cube of cement.