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This dossier concerns a Class XIII acausal anomalous Group Of Interest. Information concerning this GoI is highly susceptible to anomalous temporal influence, and is therefore not kept up-to-date within RAISA purview. If your employment at the Foundation directly concerns this GoI, consult the Exo-Reality Department, Esoteric Containment Department (Site-2), Temporal Anomalies Department, or MTF [letter]-[number] "[nickname]" for more information and access to primary documentation.

The Daevite Empire1 is an anomalous acausal nation-state whose existence is, by the efforts of the SCP Foundation, Global Occult Coalition, and several other Groups Of Interest, contained to no more recently than the year [whatever] CE, with certain exceptions.

Due to the retrocausal effects of various anomalies, primarily SCP-140, non-anomalous cultures throughout history may be altered into extensions of the Daevite Empire, conquered by newly extant sects or branches of the original Daevite Empire, or otherwise subject to temporal interference. Regardless of the time period, new Daevite manifestations have markedly consistent unifying cultural factors. In all cases, Daevite societies are distinguished by:

  • Governance by a matriarchal hereditary aristocracy (the "daevas").
  • Strong theocratic institutions, with a particular emphasis upon evangelization and conversion.
  • A military-industrial complex.
  • Normalized thaumaturgical practices by the aforementioned.
  • A majority population of chattel slaves.
  • A heretofore partially translated language known as "Daevish," related to [plausible info].