SCP-3327: TSPM (Terminal Sleep Paralysis Machine)

Object Class: Euclid

Containment Procedure: Only Level 3 and higher personnel may enter 3327’s chamber. SCP-3327 is to be kept in a 5x5x5m room, which is to be sealed and well ventilated, in the Heavy Containment Section of Facility ██, and is to be guarded by 2 armed guards at all times. This room should have access to power, and should contain a bedside table, and one queen size bed for testing and research purposes.

Description: SCP-3327 is a seemingly normal CPAP machine, with no visible abnormalities. However, when someone attempts to use SCP-3327 they are immediately put into terminal sleep paralysis. Any subject in this state is now referred to as SCP-3327-1. SCP-3327-1 is left in their sleep paralysis until eventually their brain shuts down and they are left dead. The period of time from first contact to the time of death has been measured in different subjects, and is unpredictable and changes depending on the subjects. Attempting to wake SCP-3327-1 will cause an expulsion of a gas, known as SCP-3327-2 from the machine, which causes hallucination, and eventual death once SCP-3327-2 has entered the bloodstream and lungs of the victim. As of ██|██|2017, there is no known cure to SCP-3327-2.

Upon the disassembling of SCP-3327, there appears to be no traces of 3327-2, and all parts correlate with a normal ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset Machine. SCP-3327 Appears to still operate normally when unplugged from the wall.

WARNING: Under no circumstances may someone attempt to wake SCP-3327-1 from the sleep paralysis. Doing so immediately triggers a gas expulsion of SCP-3327-2, killing all personnel within its chamber. Due to this, SCP-3327’s chambers are to be well ventilated and airtight. See Incident 3327-2-A for more details.

Incident 3327-A

During the containment breach on {DATA REDACTED}, SCP-3327 was discovered by D-4215. They had opened 3327’s chamber and attempted to wake SCP-3327-1 from their paralysis, when SCP-3327-2 was released into the site. The D-Class personnel managed to survive, and was recovered by MTF Group Foxtrot-19. D-4125 was later brought in for questioning with Dr Joseph. This breach of SCP-3327-2 caused a death count of approximately 5 staff, 2 researchers and 3 D-Class personnel.

INTERVIEW LOG – ██|██|2016 -

██ days after the containment breach of Facility ██

Interviewed: D-4125

Interviewer – Dr. Joseph Kingsley

Dr Joseph – Greetings, I’m Doctor Joseph, I’m one of the researchers studying SCP-3327 and its anomalous behaviour. Would you like to explain what happened during the containment breach?

D-4125 – What was that damned thing? Why was {DATA REDACTED} just laying there with that machine on his face? Why the hell wouldn’t he respond to me?

Dr Joseph – Please, calm down. I will explain everything I can. That “machine” is an SCP, brought to the foundation after its anomalous behaviours were discovered. Would you like to explain what happened when you attempted to wake {DATA REDACTED} from his state?

D-4125 – He wouldn’t respond, and as soon as I touched him, I heard a hissing from the machine. I didn’t know what the hell it was, but I ran out of there, when the soldiers found me, they told me to co-operate and evacuate the facility, or I’d be shot on the spot.

Dr Joseph – Soldiers? Oh right, MTF.

D-4125 – I ran past at least 5 people, and when we backtracked, I was handed a gas mask. I asked why, but they just told me to continue walking.

Dr Joseph – Alright, I better explain some things. The gas you ran from causes a terminal state of sleep paralysis, which is the state you found {DATA REDACTED} in. I’m sorry to inform you, but he died 2 days ago, from a complete brain shutdown. We believe this had to do with his sleep paralysis.

D-4125 – Oh my god. *sobbing and crying is heard* Why? Why would anyone do this? Why would this happen to him?

Dr Joseph – Do you have anything else to share?

D-4125 - *sobbing ceases, and a large sigh is heard* Yeah. When I unplugged the machine, the display was still on, as if it hadn’t been unplugged.

Dr Joseph *notes being scribbled on paper is heard* Thanks. That’ll be all, you can return to your cell. Thank you for your co-operation.

Dr Joseph – Let it be known on record that I am formally requesting a change of SCP-3227’s containment procedure to include a vacuum sealed entrance to prevent 3227-2 from breaching.


Closing Statement: D-4125 returned to his cell. When requested for more questioning, he was found in his cell coughing up blood. Tests returned positive for terminal leukaemia, and all attempts to cure him were met with failure. Subject died 3 days after interview, and 2 weeks after the containment breach.