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Current SCP-BSP-2

Item #: SCP-BSP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-BSP-1 is currently contained in a Moto G1 cellphone, owned by head researcher Dana R., who is working at Site-11.

Researcher Dana R. must report her presence daily at the site when SCP-BSP is not under testing, otherwise she will be chased down and revoked of her ownership and researching privileges.

Transference of SCP-BSP-1 to a new or testing host must be approved by researcher Dana R. and at least one Level 3 clearence or above personnel.

Following event BSP-B-#, all users must carry reasonable amounts of the local currency in coins for the purpose of paying SCP-BSP-4.

Description: SCP-BSP refers to the anomaly created around SCP-BSP-1.

SCP-BSP-1 is the mobile application named No More Waiting. The app is similar to a maps viewing and bus stops app. When the user opens SCP-BSP-1, the following screen is shown:

No More Waiting!

Investigation on SCP-BSP-1 map concluded that the stops information appearing in the application have real bus stops associated with them, and as real bus stops are constructed or destroyed, these update on SCP-BSP-1 every 24 hours.

SCP-BSP-1 can be transferred to a new host by sending it through any means.2 The new host becomes SCP-BSP-2 as the previous one starts malfunctioning after the process and eventually shuts down completely. No known method can fix the old host.

SCP-BSP-2 instances are the cellphones containing SCP-BSP-1. Although visually indistinct from other phones of the same model, it is indestructible, loses no battery charge, and can only be operated by the original owner of the phone,3 designated SCP-BSP-3, as it will shut down when touched by another sapient entity.

SCP-BSP-3 instances are the original owners of SCP-BSP-2 instances. They have an innate sense of their SCP-BSP-2 instance's location at all times.

When SCP-BSP-3 selects two stops in SCP-BSP-1, SCP-BSP-4 appears at both real stops, followed by SCP-BSP-5.

SCP-BSP-4 instances are parking meters that manifest at the center of both bus stops or near the bus signs. They are 1.2m in height and have a red light on top, a coin slot and a number screen. The screen displays the current fare to use SCP-BSP-5, at a rate of 1USD/Km. This fare will convert to the location's currency, depending of the day's exchange rate. The toll can only be payed in coins and will decrease as the coins are inserted. When the number reaches zero, the light changes to green and SCP-BSP-5 can be used.

SCP-BSP-5 instances are pairs of portals created following SCP-BSP-4 apperance. Both portals are roughly 2m x 1m and are created next to SCP-BSP-4.

Air expulsion is heard for approximately 1 second as they open or close.4 The portals have a maximum duration of 5 minutes when not being used. The outline of the portal can be seen vibrating erratically before closing near its maximum duration, as well as the light of the parking meter blinking.

Any sapient entity can and must pay the fare to use the portal, but only SCP-BSP-3 may choose in which stops they appear.

Distance between SCP-BSP-5 have yet to show a limitation, as the longest recorded being ████ km with the fare of ████ USD.

Acquisition Report:

Following reports on 04/08/18 of a well-known professor, Anselman G. of the ██████ University, California, being seen at multiple locations of the city at similar times of the day, a team of three field agents were sent to investigate the following day. The professor's home was tracked down before members of the team were deployed at the different locations described in the reports. The team decided to study the subject behavior before apprehension, for precautionary purposes.

On the morning of 04/09/18 at 0814, professor Anselman G. was seen by Agent Carter exiting his home with his backpack and walking to the nearest bus stop before vanishing arriving at the stop. At 0816, the subject was sighted by Agent Howard going to a market located at approximately 1800 meters from the house. As the agents discussed the possibility that the subject was indeed an anomaly with teleportation or extreme speed properties, Howard alerted them that Anselman was exiting the market with a bag heading towards a bus stop, noting that he saw a parking meter appearing next to the sign, the the professor vanishing again.

4 minutes passed when Agent Xavier noticed Anselman talking to another professor at the ██████ University before entering the main building. The university is located at approximately 4100 meters from the market. As the place was full of rushing students because classes where about to start and Anselman did not show signs of aggression, the team determined to wait for the end of the day and capture the professor in his way home to avoid panic at the witnesses, with Agent Xavier watching over the professor. In the meanwhile, Agent Carter entered Anselman's house to search for anything out of the ordinary. Nothing of interest was found in the house.

At 1844, Agent Xavier notified agents Carter and Howard that Anselman was on his way out, heading towards the university bus stop alone. Xavier notified that the professor took out his phone, searched for something in it and a parking meter with a red light appeared in front of the stop seats, followed by a hole in the air behind it. Anselman put away his phone, took some coins from his wallet and inserted them in the parking machine until the light changed to green, as the professor walked through the hole disappearing from Agent Xavier's vision. Agents Carter and Howard confirmed seeing Anselman walking out of a hole in the bus stop near his house and heading to it. Agents Carter and Howard restrained the professor without incidents.

Professor Anselman G. was brought to Site-11 and placed in a interview room with researcher Dana R. Audio recordings can be found in Addendum BSP-A.

Addendum BSP-A:
Addendum BSP-B: