SCP 5509
Item#: 5509
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Special Containment Procedures: (AUTHORS NOTE: am not a native english speaker so i would appreciate any help to make this more 'official' sounding, also what clearence level should i give this SCP? Or should i keep it at 3?) The 5 apartments on the floor where the apartment affected by SCP-5509 is located are to be owned by foundation personnel under false names and allegedly be civilians working from home. The apartment affected by SCP-5509 is to be officially owned by site - 55B9 director, while in actuality being empty.

Expeditions into the anomaly for collecting of SCP-5509-A are to happen every week. The collection team is to be made up of 5 D-class personnel, 1 supervisor and 1 agent whose mission is to bodyguard the supervisor, expeditions should end before 5 minute mark. NOTE: This procedure is stopped indefinitely

If a foundation employee finds himself trapped in the anomaly, he should take a pill containing poison, which force the anomaly to let him out in order to prevent his death. As personnel ready to provide medical attention are stationed outside the affected area.

In case someone (for example, a policeman. Even thought its unlikely to happen given that majority of high ranking officials in the area's police force are currently foundation embedded agents) tries to accsess the apartment where SCP-5509 is located, they are to be detained, amnestesized, and implanted false memories.

Note by site 55B9 director: Our current approach of amnestesizing and implanting false memories is way to expensive, if anybody has better ideas please send me a memo

Description: (my description is a retarded wall of text but i ain't sure what would be the best thing to cut)

SCP-5509 is a spacial anomaly affecting an apartment located in Moscow, Russian federation, on the [DATA EXPUNGED] street [DATA EXPUNGED] floor. Apartment size is 139 square meters

When a homo sapiens enters the apartment it will begin to distort in ways that are supposed to trap the human/s that entered it, no pattern has been found to the anomalies, notable examples of the anomalies: the master bedroom closet "elongating" in order to make the subject unable to access the door out of it. The glass sculpture in the living room duplicating, with the sculpture clone starting to quickly grow in size until it was big enough to not fit into the room, rupturing and injuring a D-class with glass shards (this process took 14 seconds, is now referred too as incident G-001-5509), increasing the room height along with its windows in order to make escape through windows impossible.

The more the individual spends in the affected area the stronger will the anomalies specifically around the individual become, up to creating completely new rooms around the individual, teleporting the individual and etc.

Althought some of these anomalies directly harm the people that entered it, none of them are lethal, when the D-class was injured by the glass in the example above, the anomaly stopped trying to trap him when he started to become close to bleeding to death and let him out. Which implies that the anomalies goal is too trap rather than kill.

Many people that entered SCP-5509s radius claimed to have seen 'steam' entering personal trhough the mouth, nose or ears, personal that claimed to have had this happen to them in 100% of cases claimed it made them physically weaker, and in once case where a D-class claimed that it had happened to him twice during on expedition was recorded to have become physically weaker, and lost 100 ml of blood. All attempts to film or detect the 'steam' failed, as equipment is seemengly unable to film/detect it.

The anomaly itself seems to posses learning capabilities, as after the incident G-001-5509 it never attempted to injury Personnel entering the apartment by using furniture, and incidents where SCP-5509 elongated furniture in order to block doors have increased, as it caused atleast 2 disappearances.

The affected area itself is indestructible, as all damage (both man made and natural) to the affected area disappears out of human sight, attempts to film the process with video cameras failed. An experiment was conducted where a dog was forced to observe the regeneration process, the dog started barking wildly and became traumatized, signs of blunt trauma to the neck where found on the dog.

SCP 5509-A are valuable items that irregolarly and rarely appear in SCP-5509 affected apartment, and are assumed to be something SCP-5509 uses to lure humans into the area affected by it, at start of SCP-5509 containiment these items where usually jewelry, money and expensive electronics and etc, but as more time in foundation custody passed they more and more often where: valuable amnestics, intel on GOIs, sticky notes describing the location of anomalies that breached containment and etc (note that some information provided in SCP-5509-A is false). This implies that SCP-5509 is capable of finding out what humans near it value in order to lure them in.

SCP 5509-B are illusions created by the anomaly also presumably to lure in victims. Only 1 visual illusion was ever recorder (see expedition ALPHA), with every other illusion being some kind of sound, examples include: Screaming for help, crying, conversations, footsteps, puffing of domesticated cats and etc.

Discovery: After all residents of the floor where the apartment is located disappeared for an entire week 14.07.2019-21.07.2019, a police squad was sent in to search the apartment, after encountering SCP-5509 effects the foundation agents embedded in the local police force reported it to foundation higher ups, after which a cover story was made, and witnesses where amnestecized. 14 civilians are still missing, all attempts to rescue them are currently abandoned due to futility.