Dank Drake

Item #: SCP-3362

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3362-A is to be locked in a glass container with the dimensions of 7 x 7 x 7 x and kept closed unless authorized for testing procedures. In any case SCP-3362-A container seems in any way cracked, its is to be fixed with D-class personnel wearing ear muffs also equipped with replaceable glass.

Special Containment Procedures (Updated): SCP-3362 is to be cut from the power grid and carefully removed from the ground and transported to the deep storage vault of site-███.

Special Containment Procedures (Updated): If another SCP-3362-A is to seemingly have appeared on the surface it is to be tested for a positive response with 2 D-class personal and Agent █████. if and when SCP-2262-A gives a positive response it is to be sealed in a tight rectangular prism with the dimensions of 3 ft x 6 ft x 3 ft x, 5 inches thick and made of sound proof material of █████ ███ and kept hidden, examinations for any small breaches on SCP-3362-A's rectangular prism it is to be sealed as soon as possible. By any means SCP-3362-A is to appear in a public area 5 agents wearing construction clothing made of ████████ are to stand within a 30 meter range and keep the area cleared with street blocks and keep side walks clear. preparations to cover up SCP-3362-A will take place at 3:00 AM in the morning to reduce the amount of viewers. Any video or photos of SCP-3362-A ever existing in its place and time is to be detained.

SCP-3362-B is to be locked in a steel cell strapped down so they cannot move or communicate. if SCP-3362-B is to unstrap itself it is to be re-strapped to prevent the host from harming themselves in attempts to escape.

Description: SCP-3362-A is a normal looking telephone booth with the size 3 ft x 6 ft x 3 ft x, on a certain occasion SCP-3362-A will start to ring and effect anything who will notice the ringing. Anything effected by this ring is now known as SCP-3362-B, multiple people/animals are in containment for further study.

SCP-3362-B is a person or animal who has heard the ringing of SCP-3362-A and is assumed to be mind controlled by this frequency of rings. The host will always try to influence others of the same species to "help make a better city of the future", if the victim is to agree they will take on the same effects from SCP-3362-A and carry on. once enough victims of the same species are controlled they will travel in a group of 6 and any knowledge SCP-3362-B has they will use to get to the destination. Every SCP-3362-B has gone to the same location located in Arizona ███████. if the host is unable to get to the location they will use any tool at hand to get there and will use nails and all to escape.

its is not known what the hosts of SCP-3362-A are trying to build but it has taken to long to be sure what it is. By the day ██/██/2013 effects of SCP-3362-A have been known to be removed with ease, by examining SCP-3362-B-19 entering a stage of harming itself while trying to escape was known that any shock to the host of SCP-3362-A will be released by harming or talking about any other subject . Other ways of releasing SCP-3362-A's effects are being tested.

Description (Updated): SCP-3362-A in test-██ had failed in attempt to remove the telephone booth in the result of permanently powering it off by cutting its power cord. A few weeks later 2 more duplicates have been discovered in commonly public areas that have had many citizens leave due to many effected people and animals, weeks of releasing the effects have been achieved in 1 week. Attempts to call the company had resulted in Dr.█████ becoming another SCP-3362-B and cannot be regained stuck in the mind control effect. the use of SCP-714 has released the effects of SCP-3362-A. after the phone call the new SCP-3362-A-2 and SCP-3362-A-3 have a label on the side of 002 and 003 with each new SCP-3362-A having a new number counting up, it is not known if the limit of this SCP is 999. after a couple of day it was authorized that SCP-3362-A-2 and SCP-3362-A-3 are removed. after just a couple more days more of SCP-3362-A have appeared and site-██ have gone weeks none stop removing every new SCP-3362 that appear and throwing it in the Deep Storage Vault of site-██.

SCP-3362 after taking a different form of damage will find a new way to control hosts (see addendum below).