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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-XXXX are mainly to prevent an infection from occurring. SCP-XXXX strains are to be kept in a cool, dry and waterproof iron safe opened with a code only Beta-7 Operatives or Clearance Level 5 personnel should know. The safe should be clearly labelled "SCP-XXXX". Study on strains of SCP-XXXX requires permission from personnel with Clearance Level 3 or above with Beta-7 Operatives supervising the study. Testing it on Class-D personnel requires Clearance Level 4 or above with Beta-7 Operatives supervising.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a virus that manifests in the hands once infected, SCP-XXXX is transmitted by infected people touching non-infected individuals. SCP-XXXX rapidly progresses once a person has been infected by a strain of the virus. SCP-XXXX's early symptoms include red circular crevices on the fingers, skin on the fingers becoming pale, and loss of feeling in the fingers.

After only five minutes of infection, it has been observed that circular crevices will start to form on the infected person's fingers. After an additional fifteen minutes, it has been observed to slowly turn the colour of the fingers will slowly begin to turn white (regardless of skin tone) until it has become fully white. After ten minutes of the colour change the fingernails will fall out, the fingers starting to become cylindrical in shape and once the process is done, the skin will harden similar to that of hard candy, specifically candy canes. After thirty minutes of infection, the subject's fingers will have fully transformed into a cylindrical, hard white, the red crevices observed in the early stages seem to become similar to the appearance of stripes on a candy cane.

After the process is fully complete the inside of the finger will harden as well, also observed to be pale and have the red stripes the whole way through the inside. The bone in the fingers appear to have turned into the hard candy as well and circulation is blocked off at the knuckles. The fingers are fully changed. It has been noted via testing the strain on Class-D personnel that the length of the transformed fingers heavily varies depending on the subject's fingers.

Addendum XXXX-A: Discovery SCP-XXXX was first brought to the Foundation's awareness after a teacher in ██ █████ Secondary School located in ██████, Ireland made an emergency call reporting a student had gotten a strange type of rash on their fingers.

Paramedics arrived (one of the paramedics being Intelligence Agent ████) at the school shortly after, examining the student's hands. After some time Intelligence Agent ████ made the conclusion this was an anomalous infection. The teacher who made the emergency call and the paramedics that arrived were beginning to develop the symptoms observed in the student. At this point, all infected at the school were taken and thereafter terminated and burned. Intelligence Agent ████ took a strain of the virus to return to Foundation's possession.

The student's recent purchases and his bag was searched for suspicious items. A wrapper was found within the student's bag with an oval-shaped label with the words "Large Candy Cane" in large print in a lavish font. In small print at the bottom of the label is a nonexistent company "Sugarcomb Confections", this is what the company is supposed to be called. This non-existent company is believed to be responsible for the manufacturing of other SCPs such as SCP-1921. It is believed that the wrapper contained a candy cane which the student consumed before the class. This cannot be confirmed, however as the body was burned as soon as a strain was retrieved.

After retrieval, there have been no other instances or reports of the SCP to date.