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Image of SCP-XXXX from MTF Helmet Cam

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is held at Area-02 in a 10 by 10 by 10 meter room made entirely of titanium with the exception to the observation window made of metallic glass. This is to ensure no cracks form in the chamber walls for SCP-XXXX to slip through. SCP-XXXX's chamber entrance is made up of two doors connected by a hallway. (Door 1, furthest from the main chamber and Door 2, connected to the main chamber) Only one door can be opened at a time. Each door can be opened remotely from outside the chamber hallway. Level 3 Security Clearance is required to operate the chamber doors. Under no circumstances are both doors to be opened at once. No drinks or liquids of any kind are allowed near SCP-XXXX's chamber. No air circulation vents or grating of any kind are to be installed in SCP-XXXX's chamber. SCP-XXXX's chamber has been provided with three battery powered fans to keep the chamber at 50° C to help ensure that SCP-XXXX does not freeze or evaporate. Every month (A few weeks before the fans batteries run out) specialized personnel are to be sent into SCP-XXXX's chamber to replace all three fans batteries. When a month has passed SCP-XXXX's chamber is to be cooled to -60° C. Once SCP-XXXX is frozen personnel will enter the chamber to replace the fans batteries. Once all batteries have been replaced the temperature is to be returned to 50° C.

Feeding: SCP-XXXX is to be given two moose a day to drain by Class C Personnel. In case of food shortage Class D personnel can also be used as sustenance for SCP-XXXX. When feeding SCP-XXXX open Door 1 and place food in the chamber hallway. When Door 1 in Entirely sealed Door 2 may be opened. If SCP-XXXX is in the chamber hallway Door 1 is to never be opened for any reason, not even to provide sustenance to SCP-XXXX. Once SCP-XXXX has re-entered the main chamber, Door 2 is to be sealed immediately and Door 1 may be safely opened. All personnel assigned to feeding SCP-XXXX must see The Site-23 CB File

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered July 22nd, 20██ in Maine. Local hunters reported finding multiple dead animals whos eyes had been seemingly drained of all moisture. A MTF squad was sent to secure and move SCP-XXXX to Site-23. The hunters were questioned and given Class B amnestetics and all animals drained by SCP-XXXX were located and secured for anyalsis. Trees that also seemed affected by SCP-XXXX were also secured. Upon further anyalisis it was discovered that the trees had been completely drained of water and tree sap.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a body of liquid mostly made up of basal tears. When anyalizing SCP-XXXX other elements have been found including but not limited to: Water, sweat, blood, and even tree sap. When tested, SCP-XXXX has shown extroadinary intelligence. It has been seen changing into forms such as small puddles to surprise prey, it has taken the form of multiple different species to lure prey, and it has even been seen forming its own vocal chords to communicate with and trick prey. When SCP-XXXX successfully captures its prey it will proceed to drain all moistere from the preys eyes.

When given a large amount of food, SCP-XXXX has been seen rationing said food over a course of multiple days. The temperature of its current environment also seems to affect the amount of food needed per day. When setting SCP-XXXX's chamber to a hot 90° C SCP-XXXX resorted to draining blood directly from the victims bodys. When set to a colder 10° C SCP-XXXX was estimated to have drained about one cup of liquid. When given ice SCP-XXXX proceeded to melt the ice with its own body. When given a large chunk of ice SCP-XXXX broke of chunks of ice before absorbing the pieces. When frozen SCP-XXXX merely reformed when broken.

When D class personnel were given ice based weapons to defend themselves from SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX resorted to smashing prey against nearby objects and drowning prey with its own body. When given unnarmed D class personnel SCP-XXXX seemed to all most toy with its prey, mimicking multiple human voices from different parts of the room. When feasting SCP-XXXX has been seen draining liquid about a meter away from its physical body.

After Containment SCP-XXXX was interviewed by Dr. █████. Said interview has been provided below:

Interviewed: [SCP-XXXX]

Interviewer: [Dr. █████]

<Begin Log,>

Dr. █████: SCP-XXXX, Can you hear me?


Dr. █████: SCP-XXXX, If you don't cooperate I'm authorized to use force… Do you prefer it cold or warm?

SCP-XXXX: Insa… Ins… Insa…

Dr. █████: hmm?


SCP-XXXX: Insolent fool

Dr. █████: XXXX, You are to answer my questions when asked, Do you understand?


Dr. █████: SCP-XXXX, Do you know what you are


Dr. █████: Do you know where you came from? Do you have a parent? A creator? Any siblings?


Dr. █████: Why hunt? Why kill at all? We know you can drain liquids from unbiological sources.


SCP-XXXX: hmph…

SCP-XXXX: Its simple really…

SCP-XXXX: I just enjoy watching the fear drain from they're eyes

<End Log,>