For Those Who Seek, Much Will Be Revealed
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Entity Name: For Those Who Seek, Much Will Be Revealed

Entity Class: Arcael1

Entity Description: For Those Who Seek, Much Will Be Revealed (generally just referred to as For Those or FT) is akin to a minor God, but the powers they have are of utmost importance to our organizations. They have domain over knowledge (they are literally omniscient, as was mentioned in the main article), and all things anomalous. For Those also have a sense of morality and a purpose, but it does not have the exact same sense of morality that most of humanity seems to share.2 When viewed in terms of our morality, For Those can be considered to be mostly benevolent and is never vindictive when it comes to perceived slights.

Due to For Those's eldritch nature, there is no true perceivable form, which is why it appears as different things to different people. As research into the matter has shown, along with confirmation from For Those, this form is shaped by the attitude the individual has when first picturing For Those. Those with negative or cynical attitudes are more likely to see it as something disturbing, while those who have a positive attitude or an optimistic attitude tend to see it as something non-disturbing. To this current date, no one has been able to change their perception of For Those's form on their own. For Those's name is even mutable and unknowable and depends on their attitude towards the anomalous. While the Foundation and RCMP "X" Division members generally experiences the entity as For Those Who Seek, Much Will Be Revealed due to members general curiosity and wariness towards the anomalous. The Serpent's Hand generally experiences it as Those Whose Knowledge Brings Enlightenment due to their more open attitude towards the anomalous, and The GOC generally experiences it as The Knowledge Of Those Outside due to their more antagonistic relationship with the anomalous. Civilians have generally experienced it as The Unknowable One due to their lack of knowledge about the anomalous.

Of utmost importance to For Those is the spread of knowledge, and it greatly dislikes the keeping of secrets or the spreading of lies. For Those is an entity who greatly believes in the use of the carrot and the stick, and they use their dominion over all things anomalous to enact this. They are essentially omnipotent when it comes to matters of the anomalous, and even if they weren't the ones to bring the anomaly into being, they have the power to alter it in any manner they see fit. For Those also has a bit of moral flexibility, and is willing to tolerate secrets or small lies that are made by someone who believes they are doing it for a greater and/or benevolent purpose. For Those is also much more severe on people who are knowledgeable about what they are doing, and it highly values when something is discovered with no outside help. They will also gladly share this information on alteration of anomalous entities with any entity who has knowledge of the anomaly, as was shown in the interview with Dr. Cormier.

Addendum XXXX.1: Closing Statement From Dr. John Cormier

I'm sure for those of you in the Foundation, you have noticed that this file is different from most of the others. There is a reason for that. This file isn't just for the Foundation. It is for everyone who discovers it. It's why the main entry for For Those Who Seek, Much Will Be Revealed may have seemed weird to those used to other files made by the Foundation. The containment procedure for something so powerful probably seemed lackluster, and the fact that a civilian was allowed knowledge of an anomalous entity for decades should have triggered something in most Foundation members. (Roger Parker was a good man, and pleasant person to be around. If you are in the area, I would suggest visiting his grave and paying your respects.) These were to clue you in to the fact that something was off, and to start doing some digging. Most Foundation staff should be able to figure out a simple Caesarian shift, especially when explicitly given the number and direction.

By this point, you should have been gathering the information in these articles you here to come to a horrifying conclusion: For Those is creating, modifying, or removing anomalies to punish or reward us for the spread of knowledge. Yes, this is in fact what they are doing. Every time someone creates a secret or tells a lie, there is a chance of a new anomaly appearing, or a change being made to a current anomaly (benevolent secrets create neutral or positive changes, malevolent secrets result in negative changes). Every time a secret or the truth behind a lie is fully revealed, there is also a chance that For Those will remove an anomaly from existence. To put this in perspective, humanity's collective secrets and lies have made 682 as hard to kill as it is, but have also given us a way that we can contain it for the time being. I once asked them what it would take for them to get rid 682, and they told me it would take widespread knowledge of SCP-████. Since I have no knowledge of this SCP again and have redacted it in this document, it must be some king of extremely dangerous memetic or anti-memetic agent, meaning that for the risk we would take in spreading this knowledge, they would reward us greatly for taking that risk.

Due to the fact that For Those is much more severe with those who know the truth of its existence and that you now have knowledge of its existence, this means that what you do from this point forward could have a severe effect on things. Congrats, you just got fully drafted into a battle you didn't even realize you were a part of. You must be cautious going about your business from this day forward, and think "Is this secret I'm keeping worth risking the end of reality as we know it?" and "Is this lie I am about to tell worth risking the lives of hundreds of people?"

Now that you've been drafted, what can you do about it? Luckily for all involved, the modern age has provided us with ample means of discovering secrets, the Easter Egg. Since these are omnipresent in most forms of media these days, and are created with the most benevolent of intentions (to provide a fun moment for those who recognize them), you should now be spending a decent amount of time trying to discover them. By doing so, you could be saving reality.

Good Luck, Godspeed, and Happy Hunting
Dr. John Cormier

Some of you may be worried that For Those might reveal our secrets to other GOIs. Notice that we know about For Those, and we don't know those other GOIs secrets. This is due to their high value placed on self discovery, and they will not reveal secrets that others do not want revealed. It's why their area has essentially become neutral ground for all of us, they are highly valuable to those who already know about the secrets, but useless to those who don't. For Those also highly values neutrality and access to them being enforced in their area. Last time some GOC members and a member of the Serpent's Hand got into a fight in the back country, they warped 682 out of containment to where the groups were fighting, and let it kill them all. For Those also let 682 charge at the members of MTF H-49 observing the fighting before warping 682 back into containment, and reminded them that they were supposed to be there to help maintain the neutrality of the area, and they should be more proactive in the future.