The Atlantean Project (DarthTrekkie)
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Sea-floor camouflage above and around SCP-XXXX is to be regularly observed and maintained. No divers or exploratory vessels are to be allowed through the designated 200 square kilometer perimeter above and around SCP-XXXX. A single Foundation submarine under guise of HMS ██████ is to patrol this area. The Royal Navy has agreed to back this story. XXXX is to be given construction materials to maintain stockpiles for repair. Instances of XXXX-1 through 5 have unanimously agreed to remain at XXXX. The only Atlantean Project submarine (SCP-XXXX-6) is currently held at Provisional Site ██. XXXX-6 is only to be used for visitations to SCP-XXXX. Visits are recommended to take place at least annually.

Foundation agents and researchers of at least Level 3 clearance are permitted to visit SCP-XXXX in groups of 10. Despite currently peaceful interactions with XXXX, those inside are to travel in pairs at least. All expedition members are to be armed with a pistol. All expeditions must be made in XXXX-6. Attire for visit must be formal if not wearing Project uniform, with pins of the Atlantean Project worn by all personnel. No mention of advanced technologies is allowed. No reference of current world politics or conflicts is allowed.

SCP-XXXX-3 instances may be supplied with technology approved by Site Director Davidson. A log of all technological provisions to SCP-XXXX is to be kept. Any unapproved provisions are grounds for immediate revocation of clearance, removal from Site ██, or termination (appropriate action to be determined by Director Davidson per case).

Description: SCP-XXXX is a submerged, partially subterranean series of buildings and connecting hallways. XXXX is located near the island of North [REDACTED], Britain. The primary dock is roughly 15 kilometers north of the coast. SCP-XXXX lies approx. 500 meters below sea level. How they dealt with the pressures of this depth is currently unknown. Exterior materials primarily include copper, bronze, and brass. Interiors are built with these same materials, with additions of hardwood flooring, typically oak, and several decorative rugs. Support beams of stone, marble, and dark wood inside seem decorative rather than truly structural. What is visible of the structure externally is dark save for interior light seen through windows lit with lights similar to the 250 candlepower dive lights provided to SCP-XXXX-3.

Unfortunately, Foundation interactions with SCP-XXXX have not resulted in a full layout or understanding of the facility. The full size has not been supplied, other than it being "capable of housing four and a half thousand refugees" as described by XXXX-1. Inquiries regarding their power source and air filtration are similarly dismissed. What is known is that much of the facility is residential in nature. That said, XXXX does have an extensive armory of Lee-Enfield rifles and Webley .455 Mk I pistols, for use by SCP-XXXX-4 for policing and defensive action. There is also an extensive, but currently dormant, production plant for instances of SCP-XXXX-1 through 5. Instances of XXXX-4 are all too happy allowing Foundation personnel access to their armory and factory.

SCP-XXXX is inhabited by an extensive crew of automatons, all different copies of five distinct entities. These entities identify themselves as "Director Cassandra Hart", "Morgan Cross", "Dr. Ethan Poole", "Lieutenant Harvey Yates", and "Dr. Eloise Bradley". These entities are referred to as SCP-XXXX-1 through 5 respectively. It seems, through interview and questioning, instances of the same entity share memory, but one group can know things others do not. This was made evident by interviews with XXXX-11. They are all fiercely loyal to Great Britain, and highly nationalistic.

All the entities seem amicable and welcoming. This was explained by their mistaking of Foundation personnel for inspection crews. They were quick to report on the progress and status of the Atlantean Project, stating "Site Panacea-1" was complete, optimally functioning, and ready for habitation. Alongside the extensive habitation quarters is a stockpile of old military rations is a large stockpile of canned, pickled, and otherwise long-lasting foodstuffs. These stocks would feed the supposed population of 4.5 thousand for about a year five years with proper rationing.

SCP-XXXX-6 is a moderately sized submarine of brass and copper. The construction was carried out in SCP-XXXX after "years of no visits" from their benefactors. The craft can carry 10 people at maximum capacity, and can travel great distances without any apparent loss of power or air.

SCP-XXXX was discovered when SCP-XXXX-6 appeared off the coast of [REDACTED], Scotland, at around 9:30 on 18/4/19██. The craft was crewed by a single instance of XXXX-3, which walked into civilization. Before rumors quickly spread, local law enforcement sent a report that wound its way up to Foundation informants. MTF Epsilon-6 was dispatched to contain the automaton. Witnesses were administered Class B amnestics, and the XXXX-3 instance cooperated with transportation to Research Area ██. The immediate interview led to the discovery of XXXX and the initial expedition.

Due to repeated reference to the "falling stars" in dialogues with automatons and on posters throughout the site, it is speculated2 was discovered that XXXX-1 and the United Kingdom had some knowledge of SCP-2399 prior to Foundation observation.

Addendum: During XXXX-Visitation-5, XXXX-1 asked to speak with Foundation personnel. Agent Finlay [REDACTED] carried out the interview. XXXX-1 had accurately deduced agents were not representatives of the British government. Despite this, they seemed unperturbed. When assured the site would not be shut down, they went so far as to promise continued secrecy regarding the other entities. They seem to have observed this promise, as instances of XXXX-2 through 5 still address Foundation visitors as their cover ranks and names.

Addendum 2: Request to reclassify SCP-XXXX as "Safe" has been denied. The automatons are still considered sapient, and thus we cannot entirely assume their cooperation.