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Item #: SCP-4122


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4122 is to be contained in a secure holding cell, with 4 meters by 4 meters squared for minimum walking length and pacing. SCP-4122 is to always be contained in his cell at Research Sector-██, located in Site ███ at ██████████, ████. No less than four (4) Armed Foundation Security Guards must be at SCP-4122's containment chamber. Security must be supplied with a P90, a Glock 85, and a radio for easy communication purposes. Epsilon-11 ("Nine Tailed Fox") must be within fifty (50) feet of SCP-4122's containment chamber in the case that SCP-4122 [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-4122 is never to get outside of it's containment chamber unless specific permission from Senior Researcher ███████, the head of research, Dr. ███ "██████," the head of [REDACTED], or O5-██, the head of operations for SCP-4122's containment procedures. Alternatively, three (3) members holding Level-IV clearance, or two (2) members holding Level-V clearance may authorize this request. Before moving SCP-4122 out of his containment chamber, he must be heavily sedated.

No unauthorized personnel are ever allowed inside the containment chamber, or sixty (60) feet within the containment chamber, unless authorization from the O5-██ himself, or four (4) members with Level-V clearance with specific permission from the O5-██ are allowed to authorize this request.

Description: SCP-4122 is humanic in appearance, standing 1.9 meters in height, and 85.5 kilograms in weight. However, the Foundation is incapable of studying its' face and body fully, attempts to study this have been unsuccessful, leading to the casualties of Researcher ████, and Staff Sergeant █████████ █████ of the Foundation's Security Department. The humanoid is fully covered in a black paste and ash, making it very difficult to study it too much. Further research have proven that this substance is made of [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-4122 was discovered in ██/██/19██ when Lieutenant Colonel ████ ██████ and Agent ██████ was exploring an underground cave, and when they lit up their light source, they found SCP-4122 blending in with the area, attached to one of the cave's walls. SCP-4122 quickly jumped off the wall and stole Agent ██████'s handgun and shot both agents dead. The Foundation's Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") were deployed to the cave, and successfully suppressed SCP-4122 and were later able to contain it in Site ███.

Addendum 7: Due to SCP-4122 [DATA EXPUNGED], Dr. ███ "██████" has decided to remove the glass window. Further security has been enhanced, and a Level V vault has been constructed.

Addendum 12: Starting from ██/██/20██, O5-██ has announced that anyone without a proper Level-IIi clearance or higher, knowing of SCP-4122's existence, is to be given Class-A Amnesics depending how long they have known of SCP-4122's existence. All Security and Research personnel ranking below Level III have been promoted to Level III to continue valuable research and security.

Addendum 32: Senior Researcher ███████ has found out from research that SCP-4122 has relation to SCP-███ prior to being contained at Site ███. All further relations with SCP-███ are to be denied access unless authorization by O5-██.

The following is an interview directed towards Agent Johnny, the only survivor of when SCP-4122 [DATA EXPUNGED]. He was able to suppress SCP-4122, and bring it to an act of passiveness, giving Agent Johnny the opportunity to recontain SCP-4122.