DAULTIM8 (SCP 3745 Idea.)
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SCP-3745 captured by a domestic security camera. Subject is blurred due to it's motion and quality of security device

Item #: SCP-3745

Object Class: Keter Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3745 is to be kept in a one (1) room cell furnished and decorated to give the appearance of an Ancient Greek andron. SCP-3745 is permitted to leave it’s cell whenever it chooses however it must be kept under watch by at least two (2) armed guards with level 3 clearance at all times. Subject may freely speak with personnel however it is suggested that conversation is limited to events taken place post 20’th century. Subject may not be physically interacted with without level 4 clearance and cannot leave the facility without permission from O5-█. If contact with SCP-3745 is made, affected personnel are required to receive an immediate medical examination. Contact with exposed personnel is to be halted until an appropriate quarantine.

SCP-3745 is currently kept in Site-88

SCP-3745 appears to be a middle aged man from Greek descent, roughly in his early forties, with brown hair and blue eyes. Subject is 6ft tall and due to his anomalous ability, subject’s weight cannot be accurately measured. Subject wears an Ancient Classical era Chiton. SCP-3745 appears to be able to make itself heavily resistant to most ailments and weapons.

SCP-3745, who calls himself “Sostratos” claims to be a doctor from the Ancient Classical period. When addressing himself, Sostratos uses the title “Magister Medicus.” Although he understands English, he refuses to speak what he claims an “unrefined and dying language,” rather preferring Ancient or modern Greek. When questioned of his origin, Sostratos states that he was born in 490 BC. When any ancient conflicts or violent events are mentioned, Sostratos flies into a rage that will result in him [DATA EXPUNGED] the nearest living human. When questioned why, he simply states that it is time to move on from such squalor. However, Sostratos is a friendly, well mannered individual who as long as the conditions such as living arrangements and spoken terms are met will be content to comply with Site-88 researchers.

While researchers at at Area-█ have no explanation of how it does so, SCP-3745 is capable of manipulation of the physical and chemical properties of any object or substance it physically interacts with. SCP-3745 states that it’s ability to do this is limited to values of up to ten thousand (10,000). This is seen in certain scenarios where SCP-3745 has altered the potency of fifteen (15) milliliters of 40% russian vodka by a thousand without changing the weight or appearance of the vodka. Additionally, SCP-3745 has demonstrated the ability to control natural processes such as increasing the rate in which a seed can be grown into a fully mature plant or causing rust to decay handcuffs in minutes

Addendum 3745.2: Discovery

SCP-3745 was discovered when a bakery located in █████, which was causing multiple diabetic strokes and heart attacks. Local police investigated the bakery where in the back storage room, a man in an Ancient Classical era Chiton attacked officer ████ by manipulating his body to cause him to die of old age. When foundation staff learned of the anomaly, field researchers were dispatched to retrieve the compliant “Sostratos” who was “happy to be amongst like-minded researchers.”