Item #: SCP-4356-B

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4356-B is to be contained in a rat cage with two guards stationed outside of the chamber in Site-[REDACTED]. Any personal under Level-4 clearance is not to be told of SCP-4356-B
if found out by Level-3 or lower the leak will be terminated as soon as possible by O5-[REDACTED] and a team of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-4356-B is appeared to be a zombie rat, weighing [DATA EXPUNGED] with a height of 5ft it is similar to SCP-[REDACTED] but bringing rats back from the dead. It crawls up from the shirt and attaches a mosquito-like needle and sucks out white blood cells in a matter of seconds killing the victim.

An interview was hosted using a translator held by D-5648

Start Log


SCP-4356-B: Well, well, well. I see you've become smarter, but not so smart sending one of your
own species in here.

[REDACTED] Watch: So if you stop talking we will start this interview and leave you alone.

D-5648: Hey! Guy can I go, please like now?!

O5-[REDACTED]: Calm down, if you don't we'll terminate you!

Watch: Listen, this isn't about you, this is an interview so would you shut up!

D-5648 turns pale.

O5-[REDACTED]: Continue.

Watch: Okay so first question, where is SCP-4356-A
located? Really [REDACTED] you think they are going to answer th—

SCP-4356-B cuts off Watch with "Calm down boy, I will tell you."

Watch: Yeah, okay continue.

SCP-4356-B: SCP-4356-A is located far away in a place secluded or should I call it Project-236.
Ever heard of Prothemeus Labs Incorporated?

O5-[REDACTED]: Which lab? Specify a number now!

SCP-4356-B: I would but it's too late. SCP-4356-B starts to laugh in an evil manner.

Security Department entered and terminated the Class-D.

The containment chamber starts to shake hard.

O5-[REDACTED]: Interview canceled! Evacuation authorization is clear.


Tape Ejected

PA: Evacuate Immediately (Followed by a breach alarm)

15 Minutes Later. PA: Mobile Task Force has entered the facility. All SCP staff are to evacuate or head to the nearest breach shelter immediately.

The facility continues to shake, the heavy containment zone begins to crumble. MTF are advised to evacuate.

Damage Report:
8 MTF Survivors
2 Escaped Class-D
7 SCPs breached
O5-Council Member Johnson was killed during the damage
38 Staff members injured
All other staff survived

Total Casualties: 56