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Item #: SCP-3771

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All intercepted instances of SCP-3771 are to be stored in three (3) standard Foundation 50 count compartment disc storage units.

Information regarding SCP-3771 has been disseminated amongst field agents observing and investigating anomalous art scenes as a "Low-Class Threat", to be secured if there is no risk of compromising their current operations. No further actions have been authorized One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight (128) discs have been secured so far,

Description: All instances of SCP-3771 manifest as re-writable compact discs consisting of standard non-anamlous material. All known instances of SCP-3771 are hereto referred to as SCP-3771-1 through SCP-3771-128. All instances contain the same burned pattern, which has been found to remain unaltered after the process caused by SCP-3771-A is completed.

SCP-3771-A is a memory-affecting cognitohazard contained on the disk in an .mkv format video file. Upon viewing the video on any media device capable of opening MKV files, the subject who opened the file (who upon opening the file will hereto be refereed to as SCP-3771-B) will become unable to move or blink for the duration of the video. Observers are not constrained, but are still subject to the emotional effects of viewing instances of SCP-3771.

Content of the videos vary, most containing random scenes which often depict simple landscapes and shifting geometric patterns, with a minority containing coherent narrative memories. All scenes last exactly 2 minutes, with no recorded deviations. Upon reaching the "end" of the video as indicated by the timemark, the video will continue playing for two more minutes, containing a new scene taken from the memory of SCP-3771-B. Upon completing the video, SCP-3771-B regains control of their body. Subjects who undergo this process often complain of symptoms of disassociation, which tend to subside 3-5 hours after viewing the file.

Testing (see Experimentation Log 12-3) has found that the 2 minutes added to the file at the end of SCP-3771-A events are highly familiar with the SCP-3771-B subject who last viewed the file. Although most scenes created are highly abstract and lead to no discernible memory loss in SCP-3771-B subjects, some are more discernible as memories of events which occurred in the subject's life. After finishing the video, subjects who's additions are recognizable as memories find that they no longer remember the event. Viewing the scene again, however, has been shown to "re-implant" the memory, though whether this is caused by anomalous means is unknown.

Most instances of SCP-3771 contain scenes which are considered non-hazardous to healthy psyches. However, 9 instances have been found to contain scenes which are either emotionally traumatic or contaminated by unrelated congnitohazardous and infohazardous anomalies. Instances SCP-3771-1, -6, -14, -36, -79, and -103 contain scenes which are considered emotionally traumatic. SCP-3771-46, -55, and -83 contain scenes involving anomalous activity, -46 and -55 containing multiple infohazards and cognitohazards (see Incident Log Alpha-22-B).

SCP-3771 has been found to ignore the effects of all known amnestics. Because of this, multiple instances of SCP-3771 have been discovered containing visual and audial information regarding ██ known SCPs and █ unidentified anomalous phenomena, including SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-███. Due to the nature of memetic hazards imprinted onto instances of SCP-3771, testing of any found objects is to be carried out only by D-class Personnel as defined within Testing Standard 23-H.

Retrieval Log: The first discovered instance of SCP-3771, was found on 03/20/200█ in the home of Micheal ███, a 23 year old student attending [REDACTED], a community college in ████████, Georgia. The subject was found by his mother severely dehydrated and unresponsive, sitting quietly in front of a computer connected to a 48-inch 20██ model ███████ high-definition television set. He was rushed to the ████████ Hospital and was found to have no remaining sign of higher brain functions. An agent embedded in the hospital administrative staff found the circumstances of the subjects's case suspicious, and requested an investigation into his home.

4 agents, embedded with the local police department, arranged and executed a search warrant on the home under the (guise?) of a drug bust related to Micheal ███'s death. 2 grams of street-cut cocaine was planted and 'recovered' in the home to ensure operational (secrecy?), and the house was searched heavily for any anomalous presences. During the search Agent Milles, while investigating the computer and television, unintentionally activated SCP-3771, revealing it's anomalous properties and causing Agent Milles to [DATA EXPUNGED], necessitating the the usage of Class-A amnestics. The disc was immediately reported as a cognitohazard, and waited in the home for backup. Agents using specialized equipment were deployed alongside a doctor and two psychologists in order to tend to Agent Milles and retrieve the disc, which was secured without incident. Agent Milles was placed back into duty after a barrage of psychological tests confirmed the success of his amnestic treatment.

Experimentation Log:

Addendum: Addendum 1-C: On 10/30/201█, a young Latino male was apprehended without incident by two field agents as they investigated a suspected anomalous art show in ██████████, Florida. Two copies of SCP-3771 were found on his person, and he willingly identified himself as the creator of SCP-3771. The young man, identified as Jerry Lunarez, was taken in for questioning without incident. The following transcript details the relevant parts of the conversation had with the young male before he was administered Class-B amnesiacs and released: