Russian Roulette Draft

Item: SCP ??? (Russian Roulette)

Object Class: SAFE

Special Containment Procedures: SCP ??? Is to be kept in a standard issue 9x9 gun safe, with an electronic pass code which is to be changed every 48 hours. No more than two personnel, wearing standard safety goggles, are to be allowed in the same room as SCP ??? No visual contact is to be maintained with SCP ???, and SCP ??? should be kept in its gun safe at all times, unless testing is in progress, in which case there should be authorization from two (2) Level 3 personnel Testing has been temporarily halted due to incident ????? and incident ?????. The safe should be under constant surveillance and should have one (1) armed guard outside the door at all times.

Description: SCP ??? is a standard Smith and Wesson revolver. It is made of ordinary steel and has a barrel length of 4.125", with an overall length of 6". Weighing in at 41.05 oz, the revolver has no distinguishing features that identify it from an ordinary gun.

The guns anonymous properties are activated when in direct line of three (3) persons of similar background. The similarities seem to be people with violent or aggressive outbursts, or those with a suicidal nature. Upon using SCP ???, the surviving persons will appear to be cleared of any mental disorders they may have, and reports from those with a suicidal past indicate that they are happier and no longer experience the need to self harm. However, those who choose to be violent to others are seen to have an increased hostility to those around them, and become more self destructive than previously seen.

SCP ??? properties do not affect those who view it within a one hour time period after use.

Forms of "ammunition" that has been seen used:

  • Human teeth
  • Broken pencil
  • Stones
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Water

It has been viewed that no liquids leak out of SCP - ???, and autopsies have shown that all matter that enters SCP ??? chamber, forms a round of .45 ammunition.

After one round has been placed in the chamber, the subject will spin the magazine around. After this, the three personnel will begin to play a game of Russian roulette with the gun, spinning the magazine after every attempt, which has caused the game to go on for a maximum recorded time of five weeks. See Test Log 1. The game only ends when one person has been killed by the gun. If the player is killed through other means, such as being shot by someone else, the remaining two players will stand motionless until a third player is introduced to finish the game.

Most survivors of SCP ???, have been the most violent or self abusive out of everyone who is trapped in the game. It should be noted that SCP - ??? properties do not affect those who are viewing the weapon through a screen, and should be noted that any form of eye protection prevents SCP - ??? from being triggered.

Testing has shown that, when passing the weapon around, it is always passed to the players right. It has been noticed the person will use their favored arm to point the gun at their head, but does not change the direction they pass the weapon, even when in a room with only left handed players.

Test Log 1

Test: Subjects 9396, 9397 and 9398 are chosen for this test. The three (3) class D personnel are put in a room with SCP - ??? in clear view on a table. Subjects have are all confirmed to have made visual contact with SCP -???, but have not made a move for the gun. After 30 seconds have passed, Subject 9398 grabs the gun and walks into the furthest corner of the room, all the while examining the weapon.

After a further minute and a half, subject begins to remove their own teeth by pulling them out by hand, loading one (1) into the chamber of the gun and spinning the magazine before making his way over to the other two subjects. The three subjects stand in a triangle and each take a turn pointing the gun to their head, spinning the chamber and passing the gun to the person on their right.
The game continued for five weeks, during which the players did not move away from their spots, nor did they eat, sleep or produce any bodily fluids. Their bodies, however, suffered the effects of dehydration and starvation, and immediatly after the test, both surviving members of the game collapsed and died due to a heart attack.

The game ended with the death of all subjects.

Result: Three class D terminated.

Discovered: Anonymous properties confirmed.

Test Log 2

Test: Subjects 6758, 4567 and 1278 were chosen for this test. The three (3) class D personnel are put into a room with SCP - ??? and given time for its anonymous properties to take place. Subject 4567 grabbed the gun first, passing it to 1278 and finally 6758. Before the gun could go off, a guard was ordered to terminate subject 1278, whilst holding the gun. Subject 1278 was terminated successfully, and subject 6758 picked up the gun before standing still. Both Subjects then stood motionless for 2 hours before subject 5467 was brought in to finish the test.

Result: Two subjects recovered, two subjects terminated. When questioned, neither of the remaining subjects could remember anything that had happened since entering the room. When shown a picture of SCP - ??? however, they both seemed to show an animalistic fear towards the object. It should be noted that this reaction did not occur when shown pictures of identical revolvers.

Discovered: The game must be carried our with a minimum of 3 persons, and one subject must die at the hands of the SCP. SCP seems to generate an amnesiac affect after use, given to the survivors of the test.

Test Log 3

Test: Subjects 6579, 6580 and 6581 enter the room, all with bottles of water. Subject 6581 activates SCP ??? and is seen pouring water into one of the barrels. No water is seen exiting the gun, and Subject 6581 proceeds to pour the entirety of the bottle into SCP ???. The game then progresses as usual, resulting in the death of Subject 6579 after a 30 minute 'round'.

Result: One class D terminated, Two Subjects recovered.

Discovered: SCP ??? Can contain liquids without any leakage. Autopsy reports shows a .45 caliber bullet in Subjects skull, meaning SCP ??? is capable of changing matter.

Incident ?????

Subjects 7771, 7775 and 7711 enter the room, all with pencils. The game starts as normal, with subject 7711 initiating the game by snapping the pencil and putting the lead into a chamber of SCP ???. Game continues as normal and finishes with the death of subject 7711. Two armed guards are sent in to escort the two remaining subjects back to their cells, when subjects 7775 and 7771 both enter a rage, resulting in the death of both guards and subject 7775.

Subject 7775 is then tracked as she wanders the facility, armed with a ??? she picked up off of Guard ???. Subject is noted to be attracted to large groups of people as she is seen walking past rooms with one or two personnel and instead, headed towards the cafeteria. Subject 7775 gunned down two more guards on the way to the cafeteria, however with no prior experience recorded of using a firearm, other than SCP ???, it is unclear as to how she was able to take down two fully trained guards. Subject 7775 is seen entering the cafeteria and succeeds in gunning down two scientists, ??? and ???, along with one janitorial staff and two cafeteria stuff, before being shot and killed by multiple rounds of gun fire.

Incident ???

Subjects 8990, 8994 and 8800 enter containment and are instructed to look at SCP ???. Subject 8990 extracts one of their teeth and the game begins. Scientist ??? is recording notes, when he is noted to act strangely by colleagues, and is seen linking up the live feed of the test to the site wide camera network. During this time he is unresponsive and refused to talk to any other personnel. All personnel who have looked at the screens were affected by SCP ??? properties, even those without violent backgrounds, and a site wide game of Russian roulette began. This game lasted fifteen (15) days and resulted in the death of janitorial staff member.