Dead Moth
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From: Dr. Elizabeth Marnumgold
To: ███████████

I’m contacting you because after working with Heather for seven months now, (and yes, that’s Heather, none of this SCP yadda-yadda-yadda crap. She’s a person, a damaged one at that and it’s my job to fix her,) I’ve finally got over my own cowardice enough to do the right thing.

Incident 3297-beta may not compare to some of the horrors that the Foundation has committed, and the expense of our error may not have had consequences that can compare to the mass casualties lost to SCPs like 682 or 076, but the complete erasure of incident 3297-beta from Foundation records for the sole reason of it being embarrassing to some scientists and the Site-Director is completely irresponsible. The fact that Mendax got away with what he did should be the altar on which we further our security protocols, not some unsightly incident for the higher-ups to sweep under the rug.

Additionally, the hellish conditions that Heather had to endure cannot continue to be ignored because the Ethics Committee is to embarrassed to acknowledge that they approved the original containment procedures.

On behalf of Heather, I seriously hope that a consensus to add information regarding Incident 3297-beta back into Foundation databases can be reached. We’re supposed to be better than this.

From: ███████████
To: Dr. Elizabeth Marnumgold

While SCP-3297 may have had to undergo a horrible experience, it is nothing compared to what could have happened had what we originally believed actually have been the case.

For this reason, we have not deemed it necessary to punish the majority of those involved in Incident 3297-beta. They responded appropriately to what they believed was a hostile, Keter level threat.

Additionally, the declassification of Incident 3297 has been deemed unnecessary for the containment of 3297. We have however declassified the original document in order to demonstrate the scale of 3297's anomalous property.

Do not continue pressing this subject to the 0-5 Council and I if you want to keep your current assignment or your job.

Item #: SCP-3297

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3297 is to be kept in a standard 5’ by 5’ meter humanoid containment cell. All personnel working with SCP-3297 must undergo special conversational training to avoid making any statements that will activate SCP-3297’s anomalous property.

Knowledge of SCP-3297 is highly confidential, and personnel who violate their confidentiality agreement will be reprimanded, administered a class-B amnestic and reassigned to a different site. All personnel working with SCP-3297 must be monitored and have their conversations recorded at all times.

Description: SCP-3297 is a thirty-four year old Caucasian female of American nationality, previously known as Heather Fischer, and later D-7130.

SCP-3297’s anomalous properties manifest when another individual (referred to as SCP-3297-A) directly (via name, designation, or pronoun) makes a verbal statement (Which is known as SCP-3297-1) about SCP-3297. Anyone that is present to hear SCP-3297-1 will immediately believe the statement to be factual, except for a few select people, including SCP-3297 and SCP-3297-A, who are unaffected.

When individuals are told of something about SCP-3297 that is highly improbable or impossible, they will invent often convoluted explanations as to how SCP-3297-1 is true. However, these explanations are not regarded as a part of SCP-3297-1, and as such individuals do not necessarily believe that they must be true and often edit their explanation to correlate with other affected individual’s explanations. SCP-3297 is not able to create an instance of SCP-3297-1 herself.

The effect of this anomaly becomes far weaker when the instance of SCP-3297-1 heard is a recording, becoming more of subconscious bias towards believing the statement to be true, but not typically to the extent that it overrides the logical abilities of the affected individual, except in individuals with very low psychic resistance. If a recording of an instance of SCP-3297-1 is recorded once again, the effect is weakened to the extent that it is regarded as neutralized.

The secondary effect of SCP-3297’s anomaly is that any individuals who actually are or have done what SCP-3297 is being accused of instinctively know if SCP-3297 is guilty or not.

Before designation as an anomalous object, SCP-3297 displayed signs depression and anxiety1. However, after the events of incident 3297-beta, SCP-3297’s psychological condition dramatically degraded. Thus far, SCP-3297 has made “great progress” with its therapist, Dr. Elizabeth Marnumgold, and continued work is recommended.

History: SCP-3297 was initially contained as an anomalous object after Incident 3297-beta. Previously SCP-3297 had come into Foundation custody from the Holman Correctional Facility death row as a D-class personnel, designated D-7130.

SCP-3297 was on death row for numerous charges including four homicide charges, two rape charges, thirty-nine traffic violations, twelve counts of aggravated assault, and possession of illegal substances, all of which besides one traffic violation2 were found to be false charges while the subject was in Foundation custody.

Upon review at an off-site location of several interviews recorded after SCP-3297’s initial ‘breach’, an investigation was launched, which eventually resulted in a mass amnestic administration and an update to SCP-3297’s containment procedures and description.

Incident Log:
Incident 3297-beta: