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Item #: SCP-3741

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3741 is to be kept in standard humanoid containment chamber with the addition of full soundproofing. Access to SCP-3741 is only allowed to designated guards or members with █ clearance or permission from site staff. An expenditure of up to 50$ per month is granted to suit SCP-3741's requests. SCP-3741 is to be kept informed that it is under the containment of " ████████████ Security" .

Description: SCP-3741 is a Hispanic male, aged 38 with no visual anomalies.

SCP-3741 displays its anomalous effects once three conditions are met:

  • SCP-3741 must be aware of a group, such as an organization, company or ascosiation.
  • SCP-3741 must have made contact with at least one member or associated figure of the group.
  • SCP-3741 must have been present on an area owned by or associated with the group within 30 days.

If these conditions are met, SCP-3741 will begin to showcase its effects: Within 24 hours of meeting conditions, SCP-3741 will alter reality so that it is now the leading figure of the group in question. Any existing leaders will be demoted to the highest possible position under their prior one, even if there were no openings for said positions. These effects only work locally, often meaning SCP-3741 becomes the head of an institution rather than a group; excluding occasions when a group's main headquarters are present. This is a gradual process in which SCP-3741 will integrate itself as an employee within four hours and rapidly climb ranks afterwards. Reasons for hiring and promotion vary greatly for each occasion of the effect, with some affected personnel reporting deep government connections, while others testified to SCP-3741's incredible skill. SCP-3741 will always generate a reason for not being an active part of whichever groups it is the current leader of. Most often this manifests as an indefinite vacation.

If SCP-3741 does not meet any conditions for a period of 30 days, its effect ceases to manifest. Memories of SCP-3741 during group activities are altered to instead feature the previous group leader/s, and any trace of its employment will cease to exist. Personnel that contacted SCP-3741 through non-group activities retain full memory.

SCP-3741 is not innately aware of its effect or influence at any moment, but has noticed and noted its effects on several occasions.

SCP-3741 was discovered by a foundation agent on an unrelated assignment in ███████, Spain. The assignment lasted several months, during which a Diego █████████ was reported to be in many leading positions, including: being the head of 11 local businesses, mayor, don of the local crime syndicate, warden of ██████ prison, director of 4 hospitals, and so on. An investigation was launched following a report that mentioned conflicting backstories for three instances of employment. Following a testing period, SCP-3741 was moved to containment. The following month, a second investigation was made, resulting in ██ citizens1 being detained and given class-D specification.