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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be locked in a concrete box, 8M x 8M x 8M, the locking mechanism is comprised of a Security card scanner, only able to be opened by personnel with Level 3 Security Clearance or higher. SCP-XXXX is to be cleaned with an oil-based lubricant on a monthly basis to prevent cracking or drying of the wood.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a mahogany wooden door, 2.1M tall, 0.76M wide. It is an 18th century carved door with two rows of four vertical panels, each panel depicts an event believed to be from Georgian Era London, England. Previous explorations inside SCP-XXXX depicted the door led to the edge of a skyscraper, somewhere in Chicago, Illinois. When a subject steps through SCP-XXXX the door immediately closes and is able to be opened from the entrance side, but will not open to the same skyscraper ledge. Leaving that subject stranded on a ledge approximately 20CM in width and 45CM in length. On an adjacent side parallel to SCP-XXXX’s ledge, a large arachnid noted as roughly the size of a small Sedan, most likely Linothele Fallax of the Dipulridae family (Linothele Fallax is a funnel web tarantula, nicknamed the ‘Tiger Spider’ for it’s notable black and orange colorations) sits vertically, watching any subject on the skyscraper ledge of SCP-XXXX. If the subject stands still for a period of time, the arachnid will verbally address it in the native language of that subject: “What is a picture of a thousand words worth?”. If the subject responds in any way, the Arachnid will spring forward and sharply bite the subject. If no response is given to the Arachnid’s question, within a randomized time period, the ledge beneath the subject will break and the subject will plummet anywhere between 183 M to 442 M (Or 60-110 stories). The ledge and arachnid often selectively move to different buildings

Addendum: Collected explorations of SCP-XXXX are reported below.

Exploration A-1

Foreword: Before exploration A-1 begins, please note, D-1657 is wearing a reciever, earpiece, and a micro video-recorder on a ballcap to communicate between both sides of SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log, 8:34 am Tuesday, June 18th, 2016>

Dr. Geer: “Good morning, D-1657. How are you doing?”

D-1657: “████ off.”

Dr. Geer: “Wonderful, let’s get started.”

D-1657: “Kind-a bull████ you have for me today doc?”

Dr. Geer: “You’re going to walk through a door today.”

D-1657: “That’s it?” tsk

Dr. Geer: “Please begin, and open SCP-XXXX.”

D-1657 opens SCP-XXXX and a view of Chicago’s skyscrapers comes into view

Dr. Geer: “Please walk through SCP-XXXX.”

D-1657: “Doc, there ain’t nowhere to go. Just a tiny-ass ledge.”

Dr. Geer: “Please step onto the ledge.”

D-1657: “Doc, this ledge is smaller than a ████in’ Oompa Loompa.”

Dr. Geer: “Please step onto the ledge or Armed Guards will forcefully put you on the ledge.”

D-1657: “Jesus Christ.”

D-1657 steps onto the ledge, and SCP-XXXX slams shut.

D-1657: “Yo Doc, what the hell, why is the door locked?! Hey! Doc what the fu- … Holy ████! Doc there’s a ████in' spider out here!”

Dr. Geer: “Can you identify the spider?”

D-1657: "It’s bigger than my ████ing car, man!”

Dr. Geer: “What kind of spider is it?”

D-1657: “I dont ████ing know, its orange and black and looks kinda like a tarantula.”

D-1657: "Hey doc, he's uh… he's getting closer!"

Dr. Geer: "Look around and tell me what you see. Can you move away from the spider?"

D-1657: "Doc, I ████ing told you! There's nowhere to go!"

Inaudible static

Dr. Geer: "D-1657, can you hear me? D-1657, report."

D-1657: "He… he uh… h- he asked me a question…"

Dr. Geer: "The spider asked you a question? What did he ask?"

D-1657: "H-… he asked me… wh- what i-is a picture of a th-thousand word's worth."

Dr. Geer: "Do not answer the questi-"

D-1657: "How the ████ should I know, four eyes!

D-1657: "Whoah! Whoah! Doc, he's coming for me! Doc, please! Open the door!"

Dr. Geer signaled the Armed Guards to open the door

Dr. Geer: "D-1657, remain calm. Do not panic."

D-1657: "NO! Please, God no!"

The Armed Guards opened SCP-XXXX and D-1657 was not there

Dr. Geer: "D-1657, report."

D-1657: "Doc… Please. Open the door! I'm begging you! I'm sorry, I just want t-"

Dr. Geer: "D-1657, are you still there? Report."

<End Log, 8:44 am Tuesday, June 18th, 2017>

Closing Statement: Cause of death of D-1657 is presumed to be a spider attack. Recconasaince drones did not recover a body or any evidence of such in the city of Chicago.

Exploration A-2

Foreword: Please note, D-5734 is holding the same equipment as D-1657 from the previous exploration, excluding the micro video-camera. The previous video file was corrupted by SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log, 9:51 pm Wednesday, July 18th, 2017>

Dr. Geer: "Good morning, D-5734, please proceed to SCP-XXXX."

D-5734: "-ight."

Dr. Geer: "Please open SCP-XXXX."

D-5734: "There not gon- be nothin' spooky on the otha- side of this door, right?"

Dr. Geer: "I can neither confirm, nor deny that. Please open SCP-XXXX, and step onto the ledge outside."

D-5734 opens SCP-XXXX, and steps onto the skyscraper's ledge

SCP-XXXX slams shut

D-5734: "Aye! Yo, open the door!"

Dr. Geer: "For your security, please refrain from making any more noise, and follow my instructions. To your right, there will be a very large tunnel-web spider, do not acknowledge it is there."

D-5734: "Holy ████!"

Dr. Geer: "D-5734, do not make any more sound for your safety."

D-5734: Loud whisper "It's coming closer, what the hell yo!"

Dr. Geer: "In a moment, the spider will try to ask you a question. Do not, I repeat, do not answer the question."

D-5734: Loud whisper "Why so I can piss it off?!"

D-5734: Continued loud whisper "Holy ████ it's talking!"

Dr. Geer: "Do not answer the question, D-5734."

D-5734: Loud whisper "What the hell am I supposed to do?! Play dead?"

Dr. Geer: "Remain calm, and stand still, do not move."

D-5734: "I don't have much of a choi- … Yo, Dr. Geer! Yo dog, it's breakin'… the ledge is breakin'!"

Dr. Geer: "Stand still and do not move, it will be less likely to break if-"

D-5734: "Holy ████! Holy ████! I'm gonna' fa-"

Dr. Geer: "D-5734 report. D-5734 can you hear me?"

<End Log, 10:06 pm Wednesday, July 18th, 2017>

Closing Statement: D-5734: Cause of death, fall from an seventy-two story building. The body of D-5734 was recovered below the "Legacy Tower" in Chicago, Illinois.