Terminal SB-DBG

The following drive contains confidential documents. Any unauthorized access will result in -10 good boy points.

Documents approved by O5:

SCP-5027: Schrödinger's Man
SCP-5118: Forever a Good Boy
Form 5118-E: Proposal for Reclassification
SCP-5121: Long Distance Relationship
SCP-5237: In My Head
SCP-5357: A History of Rat Control in Alberta
scp-3-j: Bring Your Kid to Work Day!
Welcome to Wonderful Site-65!

The following documents consist of various unfinished pages. The information presented on these documents may not be accurate or final until it has been reviewed and approved by the O5 Council. If you would like to critique, greenlight, or collaborate on any of these documents, please contact deathbygin via Wikidot or IRC.

Sandbox A (Blank)
Sandbox B (Mr. Basil)
Sandbox C (SCP-XXXX: The Fault in the Stars)
Sandbox D (SCP-XXXX: The Indigestible Wad)
Sandbox E (SCP-XXXX: Shepard and Self LLP)