Picture of SCP-XXXX taken during anomalous activity.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All access ways to SCP-XXXX are to be redirected and monitored to prevent any unaware individuals from entering SCP-XXXX.

In the event of an individual(s) accessing SCP-XXXX they must be reached before they travel more than 400 meters on SCP-XXXX. If the individual(s) can be reached and stopped before travelling 400 meters onto SCP-XXXX they should be convinced by foundation staff members (referred to as “Taskforce-29360”) to turn back under the guise provided by a cover story explaining that the road is in severe disrepair farther ahead and could damage their vehicle and compromise their travel course. Taskforce-29360 is to be dressed in road maintenance attire consisting of high visibility vests, work pants, work boots and hardhats. As soon as the individual(s) have reached the “safe-zone” they should be administered Class-A amnetics and given directions away from SCP-XXXX.

In the case the individual or individuals could not be reached before reaching the 400 meter threshold they are to be considered lost.

Description: SCP-XXXX was first discovered when various locals went missing after using road [REDACTED]. Concerned locals contacted the Gendarmerie and after extensive investigation by said Gendarmerie, which remained inconclusive, The Foundation was contacted.

SCP-XXXX is an ordinary countryside road, named [REDACTED], commonly found in the area. The road is approximately 1.67km long and starts approximately at ██.█████ longitude, -█.██████ latitude in [EXPUNGED], Brittany (Bretagne), France. Accessing the road from the opposite side has never been observed to result in anomalous activity.

Both sides of SCP-XXXX show small berms and shallow canals approximately 40 (forty) centimeters wide and 30 (thirty) centimeters deep. The far left or far right wall of these canals elevates up to about 1 meter in height and consists of organic material. On top of these organic walls trees and thick shrub of various kinds seem to planted. This vegetation seems to create a wall on either side of SCP-XXXX and is not easily breached. Breaches have occurred in the past and beyond the walls thick woods have been observed. Exploration of these unknown woods have been minimal as it is anticipated that, like SCP-XXXX, these woodlands are infinite. Exploration could possibly compromise the initial objective by subjects getting lost in SCP-XXXX's woods.

Whenever an unaffected individual travels on SCP-XXXX they will reach the end of the road and reach a stop sign at a T-junction. Turning left at the end of SCP-XXXX will lead to “Domaine de la Fôret de [EXPUNGED]” (a densely wooded area) ultimately leading to the town of [REDACTED]. Turning right will lead to beach area called: "Les Plages du [REDACTED]".

When an affected individual travels approximately 400 meters on SCP-XXXX the road will slightly bend to the left and the individual will lose sight of the starting point. After this threshold is passed neither end, nor beginning of the road can be observed. SCP-XXXX will continue infinitely in both directions. Anyone who will get lost on SCP-XXXX, regardless of what time during the day they do so, will eventually find themselves in perpetual nighttime. It will remain night until the person manages to leave SCP-XXXX.

Instances of SCP-XXXX-1 have only been observed twice by The Foundation and are, therefore, very little understood.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a grey / black sign roughly 2 (two) meters high with white block letters at the top reading “EXPRESSION LIBRE” (translation: FREE EXPRESSION). These signs are common in France for citizens to put up anything they desire be it advertising or asking for services. The sign is only found at the end of road [REDACTED] after someone escaping SCP-XXXX. Whenever an individual(s) traverses SCP-XXXX without getting lost the sign is not present.



According to the interviews with the two D-class subjects that managed to escape SCP-XXXX-1 will show printed out photographs of themselves. It is assumed that the pictures depict the subject in their future as they have aged enough for it to be noticeable. This is assumed solely on the basis of the affected individual's eyewitness accounts. No other than the affected subject will observe the photographs and can therefor not be further classified as parts of SCP-XXXX. The photographs cannot be kept.

No radio communication with test subjects is possible. After an affected individual has passed the threshold radio communications equipment will seize to operate. The original road [REDACTED] runs in a North-Eastern direction. Considering that the province (Brittany) in which it is located would eventually end in the Atlantic Ocean it is believed that SCP-XXXX is located in a sub-dimension independent from our plane of reality. The two D-Class subjects that have been successfully recovered were given a notebook and ballpoint to keep a diary whilst exploring SCP-XXXX. Please refer to Addendum_01 and Addendum_02 for transcribed versions for both D-Class personnel's diary entries. Please refer to Debrief_01 and Debrief_02 for both D-Class personnel's exit interviews.

Testing notes: Due to the evident uncertainty on how long a subject would remain lost within SCP-XXXX all test subjects were supplied with basic survival equipment. Test subjects were selected on personal attributes that contribute to basic or advanced survival knowledge and / or experience.

It is speculated that approximately █/████ individuals will be affected by SCP-XXXX. The reason for specific individuals being affected by SCP-XXXX remains unknown.