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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Green (formerly Blue)

Special Containment Procedures: All established sites SCP-XXX is expected to shift to are to be staffed with no less than two (2) armed guards. They are to be ready for SCP-XXX's scheduled shifting to their site and report to SCP-XXX Project Lead Dr. ██████.

In the event that, upon shifting to the next scheduled site, SCP-XXX contains unexpected items of any kind, they are to be removed, possibly studied and disposed of. In the event that, upon shifting, SCP-XXX contains unexpected persons, Foundation or not, they are to be terminated and their remains incinerated.

Remaining inside SCP-XXX after a shift for longer than required is prohibited (see Test Log XXX-T#2).
Any personnel present in the space SCP-XXX is expected to shift to in one (1) hour or less are to be removed, if necessary with force (see Incident Report XXX-I#1).

Description: SCP-XXX is the designation for the basement of an assumed 27 buildings which it periodically or through interaction shifts between. Site designations correspond to the order of where the basement shifts to.

It is currently not known

  • how the spaces' different sizes and layouts are accounted for;
  • how the furnishings present in the basement are moved to be in the same position relative to the new space;
  • how, for example, plumbing running through the basement is moved along with it without affecting the house's water supply;
  • how the door's position changes according to where old one was;
  • where the buildings' old basement disappeared to;1
  • where objects disappear to which, upon shifting, would be inside, for example, the flight of stairs leading out of the basement.2

Currently, sites XXX-S-2 through -23 have been established around all but four of the locations SCP-XXX shifts to.3 However, for 144 hours (4 cycles) after the shift from site -23, the location of the basement is unknown. It has been confirmed not to be at any of the other sites. Determining its whereabouts during this time is considered a Level 2 Matter of Priority.

Addendum XXX-A#1: SCP-XXX was being considered as a means of emergency transportation from Site-343. After the events of Incident XXX-I#1 and Test XXX-T#2, SCP-XXX's Threat Level has been raised to Green. The matter is not to be pursued further.

Incident Report XXX-I#1: On █/█/██ during routine cleaning of site XXX-S-21's basement space, a shift in site XXX-S-20 was triggered accidentally. SCP-XXX appeared in site XXX-S-21, leaving no trace of three janitorial staff initially. D-█████ is brought in to trigger SCP-XXX again. Personnel sent in to attempt a rescue. None of janitorial staff was found. XXX-S-22 did not report their presence, either. At the time of writing, all three personnel are still unaccounted for.

Test Logs XXX-T:

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