Deceptic Ceast


Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures : SCP-XXXX shall be contained in a 5 x 5 x 5 area container. There are no consequences to publish SCP-XXXX's image, as it only affects people in a one (1) meter radius. SCP-XXXX will not affect multiple people at once.

Description : SCP-XXXX shows to be a barrel, with the height of 33.5 inches and the width of 22.5 inches made out of wood and kept together with metal rings.

When in contact with SCP-XXXX the subject would proceed to enter SCP-XXXX and would use nearby objects to enlarge SCP-XXXX or cut off body parts to enter SCP-XXXX until death by malnutrition, dehydration or blood loss, if SCP-XXXX is broken however, it will instantly regenerate when personnel have lost eye sight with SCP-XXXX.If, however SCP-XXXX is to not repair itself, the subject will try fixing SCP-XXXX until able to enter SCP-XXXX

SCP-XXXX has been found in a old bar that has been destroyed, no witnesses of people entering SCP-XXXX have been found before the bar has been destroyed.

Experiment Log XXXX-1:

Date: ██-██-████
Subject: D-Class personnel D/XXXX/1
Procedure: D/XXXX/1 was asked to get close to SCP-XXXX and describe what he experiences.
Details: D/XXXX/1 stated "I feel curious, I want to get inside it" when told the experiment is over D/XXXX/1 declined and added "I don't want to, i want to stay in my home".

Experiment Log XXXX-2:

Date: ██-██-████
Subject: D-Class personnel D/XXXX/2
Procedure: D/XXXX/2 was placed i the room with SCP-XXXX and was given some tools.
Details: D/XXXX/2 grabbed some of the tools and proceeded to enlarge SCP-XXXX before cutting off limbs to enter SCP-XXXX D/XXXX/2 was told to stop and disagreed.

Experiment Log XXXX-3:

Date: ██-██-████
Subject: D-Class personnel D/XXXX/3
Procedure: D/XXXX/3 was in the room with SCP-XXXX
Details: D/XXXX/3 grabbed a saw and proceeded to cut SCP-XXXX, after cutting, D/XXXX/3 has stopped cutting due to big damages to SCP-XXXX and started fixing SCP-XXXX and after some attempts, D/XXXX/3 has stopped cutting into SCP-XXXX

Experiment Log XXXX-4:

Date: ██-██-████
Subject: D-Class personnel D/XXXX/4
Procedure: D/XXXX/4 was also given tools, this time SCP-XXXX has been placed in the corner
Details: D/XXXX/4 stated "I don't know, I just wanna break it if i can" D/XXXX/4 was asked to get closer, no effects appeared.