Item#: V
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Special Containment Procedures:

none : n/a : object no longer exists on the euclidian plane:
If resurfaced exercise PROTOCOL 31


Apollyon class entity capable of inducing hallucinations hijacking the mind anything with an electrical charge; reason [UNKNOWN]
appearance: organic like tissue on it's outside and an internal crystalline structure

at a size, 179% me entity gains the ability to control anything with an electric current; Refer to containment procedures
Prerequisite to exercise PROTOCOL 3

Current Known History:

126 hours before the event

A classified scientific research station owned by Russia;Britain;USA;Germany was conducting genetic research on 'highly dense neural meshes' with SCP-████ and SCP-3258 when total radio contact was lost.

most scientists on board were unaware of their involvement with the foundry and believed they were using growth hormones not SCP's; two, level 3 C class individuals were onboard to oversee the program

Believed to be a possibly high-level SCP breach due to the SCP genetics happening onboard contact was made with the O5 council asking for permission to use taskforce operatives for a search and recover mission:shown here is the file

The transmission was encoded and roughly translates to:

resplicing the ████████ DNA into the modified neural tissue caused it to shrink rapidly until it compressed itself into a salt-like crystal of highly compressed neurons which when exposed to a microdose of voltage exhibited complex neural activity —— further introduction of the growth hormone IGF-1 caused an increased uncontrollable cell duplication rate and the organism was terminated await further transmission as we test HGH and IGF-2

98 hours before the event

The O5 council qualified the two taskforce operatives for the mission; Subsequently, a small team comprised of 3 E Class soldiers SAS and the 2 taskforce operators was assembled

42 hours before the event

The team launched in a ████ shuttle at 0500 on 26/10██ ; on approach to the station they noted large globular shapes protruding from parts of the ship like fungi ; as they got closer they noted these globular clusters as having a 'salivical shimmer' and having the appearance of an organic-like object

They approached and docked with the station ; on entering the inside looked diseased, as if the station itself had cancer growing inside of it ; the two taskforce operatives went looking for the data files to understand what had caused the event, the other soldiers went to search for survivors ; certain members started experiencing delusions and began shooting at unknown entities causing multiple perforations in the station ; communication to the team was lost and only their video feed remained as they each individually either killed themselves or killed each other ;

It is currently unknown why this happened and the entity was immediately classed as an VLAM DISRUPTION CLASS possibly DANGER THREAT LEVEL with immediate containment necessary

Recovered files of the conversations between the onsite level 6 and the O5 council

12 hours before the event

After observing a 10% s-1 growth rate of the entity the O5 council ordered the foundry to do whatever was required in order to prevent the entity from increasing in size and to contain it immediately.

6 Teams of trained operatives were launched from foundry bases across the globe; zero operatives returned

reports of devastating attacks around the world flooded the news, Russian and British bases on the moon were destroyed by unsanctioned kinetic missiles fired from American shuttles; the British detonated a nuclear submarine next to manhattan with an 87km blast radius destroying the entire island

The foundry was aware that this was directly connected to the now rapidly growing entity dubbed SCP-V and re-classified it as an ESOTERIC APOLLYON DISRUPTION LEVEL AMIDA with immediate elimination a level 6 priority

2 hours before the event

The world was on the brink of war, SCP-V had control of the government of every major nation; the foundry had launched an attack in the form of millions of self-guided missiles but even they were somehow controlled and re-directed by the entity; the world and the known universe was close to crumbling under the control of SCP-V

Final Foundry Teletransmition


For many the events previously transcribed in this document never took place, no one but the O5 remembers how it blocked out the sun as the world went to war; how in one moment the earth crumbled beneath their feet and the next they were going about their daily life such that nothing had changed


It is not known whether the event was a mass illusion, orchestrated by this entity or if the entity merely swallowed PROTOCOL 3 and disappeared into nothing. Speculations suggest that it could have become so omnipotent when it came into contact with PROTOCOL 3 that it collapsed itself into a higher dimension crippling space and time into a hyper-paradoxical state until our local universe merely reset to before the event- We were lucky this time; Nothing has changed in the world and no one will ever know, bar us; but, better SCP experimental precautions MUST be paramount in future to prevent anything like this from happening again -O5 HIGH COUNCIL MEMBER

Classified under LEVEL 6 COSMIC TOP SECRET
Although It could be classed as neutralised, it is not known whether the entity is destroyed or whether it could come back due to the paradoxial nature of the circumstance; until official declassification it will be kept as an esoteric apollyon