Object Class: Safe

Containment This particular SCP doesn't require any special containment protocols. This SCP is currently contained in a standard cell and is to be given any materials it requests, within reason. Within the cell are large rods of Uranium-235 covered in lead casts. This is one of the only ways to subdue this SCP, due to its anomalies.

Description This SCP is a 35 year old Caucasian male from a small rural town in [[REDACTED]], New Mexico. This SCP's anomalous properties came under the Foundation's notice when a gunshot failed to puncture his skin. He was quickly taken into Foundation custody shortly after this event.

This SCP is usually helpful to researchers and has made friends with some of the staff. The staff has commented on his eagerness to be exposed to physically dangerous tasks as some sort of metal disorder.

At first, researchers thought that the skin of this SCP was anomalous only to the point of being able to stop a bullet, but after this SCP survived a cave-in completely unscathed researches began to run tests to see how much the man could survive.

After numerous tests, it appears the man can survive a nigh infinite amount of physical damage. Researchers believe that upon contact with a projectile the SCP's skin's atoms tighten, creating a nearly unbreakable atomic bond. This effect doesn't seem to work on this such as fire or radiation as they don't have physical properties.

1 Subject is shot point blank, in the chest, with a 12 gauge shot gun.
No effect on subject.
2 Subject is shot point blank, in the head, with a Barret .50 cal.
No effect on subject.
3 Subject is coated in blood and dropped into a pool with a Great White Shark.
No effect on subject. Interestingly enough, the shark's jaw was snapped and had to be euthanized.
4 Subject is exposed to a rod of uranium-235.
Subject quickly experiences symptoms of radiation sickness. It appears that the anomalous properties only protect against physical damage.
5 Subject is given a disguised C-4 charge to swallow. The charge is then detonated sometime later without the knowledge of the subject.
No effect on subject. The subject doesn't need to be aware of a threat for the anomalous properties to manifest.
6 Subject's arm is surrounded with an explosive equal to 10,000 pounds of dynamite. The explosive is then detonated.
No effect on subject.
7 Subject is exposed to SCP-682. SCP-682 violently attacks the subject, only to find that it could not harm the subject and it's jaw has snapped. SCP-682 quickly dropped the subject and while it's jaw regenerated, leered at observers. After and hour of no attacks, the subject is removed from the containment cell.
No effect on subject.
8 Subject is exposed to SCP-096. Subject enters the containment cell and is told to close his eyes. Subject reports a sensation at the base of his neck, but no damage. Subject is told to open his eyes and becomes extremely frightened by the appearance of SCP-173. He asks to be let out of the containment cell.
No effect on subject.

The request to test this SCP against SCP-106 has been denied. We're sure that will this SCP wouldn't be destroyed, but we cannot guarantee that SCP 106 wouldn't be able to break containment.-Director Scryfall

The near invulnerability of this SCP would make it an excellent candidate to test other SCP's with. He would make a useful asset in the future. -Dr. Kiron