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SCP-3651 Observed from a security camera in its tank form

Item #: SCP-3651

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3651 Is to be terminated as soon as the anomaly’s first form is sighted. The foundation can’t describe the objects first form may appear but it should differ from its militaristic appearances. While the foundation waits for such a form the anomaly should be contained in a 10x10m containment cell with 100mm of composite armour walls surrounding it. All personal accessing the cell must have permission from 05 command and be escorted into the cell with guards armed with anti-armour weapons. In the event of a containment breach involving SCP-3651, personal should attempt to disable, not destroy, SCP-3651 to prevent it from changing its military vehicle appearance. EMP has proven to be a excellent counter to SCP-3651. All military weapons that have come into contact with the anomaly are to be designated SCP-3651-A and are to be destroyed.

Description: SCP-3651 Is a advanced organism that will take the form of all military equipment or vehicles is comes into direct contact with. The foundation currently only knows on a small amount of the possible appearances it may take on. These include: M1A2 Abrams, F-35 Raptor, PT-41 Patrol Vessel, Apache helicopter, M4A1 rifle and hummer armoured car. All of the following vehicles have been observed before and It should be recorded that every form has the ability to kill. It is not know if SCP-3651 was in its original form before taking on military appearances but a witness at the scene of discovery claims to have seen a thick black mist consuming an Abrams tank. The object mainly spends it containment period attempting to penetrate the walls of its cell with any form it can take, all attempts of such have proven ineffective against the composite walls. SCP-3651 Dislikes the presence of other weapons and will proceed to destroy that weapon, this behaviour will also apply to human interaction.

It is not know if the anomaly’s appearances have any crew but guards have reported hearing the sound of a breach loading or even ,on some occasions, the sound of a radio. On Many occasions has SCP-3651 attempted to put out a radio signal but no reply has been recorded. The anomaly will typically enter stages of hibernation and will not move from a position until it is disturbed. When disturbed, SCP-3651 will enter a enraged state and its weapons capabilities become disturbingly powerful, often allowing it to breach containment and cause massive damage to the containment site. SCP-3651 was found on the runway of a military base in [Redacted] and was contained at site 24 before breaching containment, it was then transferred to site 61 where it remains.



Subject: D-592: Female subject, no mental trauma or damage. Dr. [Redacted] with Dr. [Redacted] assisting.
Procedure: D-592 Enters the Containment cell of SCP-3651 and door is sealed behind her. D-592 Approaches SCP-3651 and is instantly gunned down by machine gun fire from SCP-3651 in its tank form. 2 Guards fire anti-armour disabling the weapon systems of SCP-3651. D-592 Exits the cell. Test ended.
Results: Test-A Dispays the hostility of D-592 to humans yet it only displays the Abrams tank not other forms. Future test will be conducted when SCP-3651 is in a different form.
Analysis: “The anomaly’s intentions are clear, kill trespassers. Yet this doesn’t mean that is is impervious to anti-armour weapons as shown. I would like to test an airborne appearance now”. -Dr. [Redacted]